Janet Rodeberg is the wife of Ronnie Schell, a famous actor and comedian based in the United States. Today’s post focuses on everything we know about Janet Rodeberg. We will discuss her life history, marriage, and husband. Read on for more information1

Janet Rodeberg Early Life

Janet is an American born in 1944. Her ethnicity is Caucasian. Janet was born in the United States, and her popularity came into sight thanks to her husband’s popularity. She has two children; Greg Schell and Chris Schell.

Janet is the wife of the famous Ronnie Schell. Although Janet’s zodiac sign is unknown, that of her husband is Capricorn. Janet met her husband in 1967, and the two decided to wed 11 months later, in December 1968. According to Ronnie Schell, this wedding changed his life for the better.

After getting married, he thanked his wife for the role she played in his life. He even stopped going to the clubs and instead focused on staying home with his family and exercising to get into shape. Their marriage life was unique, and although many celebrities find it hard to stay in a marriage, the couple has been together for over five decades.

Their marriage gave them two children, who are both males. Still, Janet Rodeberg and her husband have grandsons, including adopted ones. The happy couple is enjoying old age in Southern California.

Who is Janet Rodeberg’s Husband

Janet is married to Ronnie Schell. Her husband was born in Richmond, California, on December 1931. Ronnie Schell, whose actual name is Ronald Ralph Schell, has served in the United States Airforce for four years, where he joined immediately after leaving high school. Moreover, he became an airman first class in the same air force.

Later, Ronnie decided to leave the Air Force and follow his passion, which became his career. Ronnie began his comedian career in a nightclub where he entertained people in San Francisco. His comedian career witnessed slow progress, but his hard work eventually paid off when he gained popularity.

His fame began to skyrocket, and he was the comedy advisor to Richard Dreyfuss when producing the “The Last Laugh” Netflix movie. Ronnie has been known as one of the best American actors and stand-up comedians of his time.

One of his best works was acting as Duke Slater in the 1990 comedy dabbed “Gomer Pyle: U.S.M.C.” Ronnie has also appeared in various Television shows, such as “The Patty Duke Show.”

Throughout his career, Ronnie has featured in over 140 movies. The impact of this is that he earns royalties from all his movies. Hence, his net worth is high; as of 2022, it was estimated that his net worth was $216.5 million. With such a net worth, we can conclude that Janet and her husband are living the best of their old age. Moreover, they have various investments that add to their net worth.



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