Jennea Marie Welch is the daughter of American musician Brian Welch and his late ex-wife Rebekah Welch. She was born in 1998, and her parents divorced three years later. Upon her parents’ separation, Jennea’s father got custody of her and raised her as a single parent, but he was in contact with Rebekah.

Early Life, Education, and Personal Details

Jennea’s parents divorced when she was three; her father was her caretaker, and they were often on the road, given her father’s demanding music career. When Jennea was young, she was often angry at her mom for not being there. She became depressed when she was in 6th grade.

Jennea Welch has not revealed the institutions she attended, but in one of her YouTube videos, she mentions that she went to bonding school for six years. After high school, she joined college. Jennea Marie Welch has been around music throughout her life, given her father is a musician. She loves music, art, and fashion; she also likes helping young people from broken families.

Regarding her love life, Jennea Marie Welch is not married; however, it is unclear if she is dating anyone as she has kept her romantic life away from the media.

Jennea’s Parents

Brian and Rebekah Welch met in the 1990s; at the time, both were struggling with drug addictions. The two love birds had their first child in 1995, but they had to give up the baby for adoption, given they were both drug addicts. After Jennea was born, her parents lived together until 2001, when they separated.

Jennea Marie Welch describes her mother as a great person who brought joy, and she dearly misses her since she died in June 2021. She shared an emotional video on her YouTube channel expressing her feelings.

Jean’s father founded the band Korn, where he is a guitarist and has succeeded in the music industry.


Jennea Marie Welch is a motivational speaker, mental health advocate, a writer, and she also appeared in the documentary Loud Krazy Love with her father.  Jennea often goes to colleges to talk to students about issues to do with depression which may arise from losing a parent or someone important, having experienced it firsthand.

In her motivational speeches, she also discusses issues to do with self-harm and how one can recover and heal from their issues. Jennea Marie Welch was devasted when her mother died, but she later managed to live with the pain of losing a parent, and she is trying to encourage others who have lost a loved one.

Jennea Marie Welch also has a YouTube account where she posts videos on diverse issues, including mental health and other issues people face daily.

Social Media

Jennea Marie Welch is active on social media platforms, especially Instagram, where she likes sharing details of her personal life. She likes posting pictures and videos of herself and often informs her fans about essential functions she will attend, like speaking to students about mental health matters.

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