Jesse Ryan Tendler became of interest thanks to his sister Annamarie Tendler. Anna is an American hairstylist, writer and cosmetic artist. He was born in Connecticut, where he grew up with his two sisters and their parents though nothing much is known about time. Since so little is known about Jesse, it is unclear who is older between him and his sister Anna.

Educational Background and Career Details

Jesse Ryan Tendler attended high school in his hometown, after which he joined college. However, details of the college he attended have not been made public by either him or his sister. Additionally, the course he pursued in college has been kept in the shadows.

Regarding what he does to earn a living, Jesse Ryan Tendler chose a career different from her sister’s. Whatever he does to earn a living, he has decided to keep it off the media; he might be running a store, a cloth line or even a salon to make ends meet and at least put food on the table.

Is Jesse Ryan Tendler Married?

It is hard to tell if Jesse Ryan Tendler is married or not. He has not disclosed any information regarding his romantic relationships to the public. However, given his current age, he might be married to someone, and they have kids together. On the other hand, his sister Anna Marie Tendler married comedian John Mulaney, but they ended their union in 2021.

His Sister

After high school, Jesse’s sister learnt how to hairdresser; she then joined college but dropped out months later to venture into hairdressing. Anna chose to do her business, so she set up an online blog for daily makeup; over time, her blog gained more followers as she had close to half a million of them.

After gaining popularity, she managed to land a writing job at MTV style, and her beauty tutorials were featured in several magazines, including DailyCandy, Glamour and HelloGiggles. Jesse’s sister also opened a YouTube account for beauty tutorials.

Given her great work, Annamarie was hired to work on some television shows as a makeup artist and hairstylist. Some of those shows included The Old Man and the Seymour, Oh Hello, John Mulaney: New in Town, and Aziz Ansari: Dangerously Delicious. Jesse Ryan’s sister is still active in the multimedia industry as she continues offering online and in-person services.

Net Worth

Being a secretive person and given details of what Jesse does to earn a living, it is hard to estimate his exact net worth. On the other hand, his sister has made a lot of money through photography, hairdressing and her other adventures, but she has not mentioned her net worth.

Social Media

For a private person, being active on social media will make him more open and not private anymore. Jesse Ryan does not fancy a social media presence and is not active on any social media platforms. But his sister is active on Instagram and uses her account to post personal stuff and to market her services.


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