Jimmy Failla, a renowned radio host, actor, and producer, has not only made a name for himself in the entertainment industry but has also built a beautiful family life with his wife, Jenny Failla, and their son, Lincoln Failla. Let’s delve into the heartwarming journey of Jimmy Failla’s family life and the love that binds them together.

Early Life and Career

Born on December 17, 1976, in New York, Jimmy Failla grew up in Levittown, nurtured by his loving parents, Marianne Failla and his father. He attended Nassau Community College and graduated with a degree in Communication and Media Studies, marking the beginning of his journey into the world of entertainment.

A Successful Career

Jimmy Failla’s career in entertainment soared as he ventured into acting, producing, and hosting various shows. From ‘Jimmy Failla State of the Union’ to ‘The Jim Gaffigan Show’ and ‘Gotham Comedy Live,’ his talent and charisma captivated audiences far and wide. He made notable appearances on prestigious platforms like The Today Show and ESPN Dream Job Season 1.

The Pillars of His Life

Family has always been at the center of Jimmy Failla’s life. He shares a strong bond with his parents, whom he credits for his personal and professional achievements. Although he keeps them away from the media spotlight, he cherishes every moment spent with them and proudly shares their pictures on social media.

A Loving Wife: Jenny Failla

In the heart of Jimmy Failla’s family is his wife, Jenny Failla. Their love story began 16 years ago, leading to a beautiful wedding ceremony surrounded by close friends and family. Jenny is not just a loving wife but also a professional therapist, providing unwavering support to Jimmy in all his endeavors.

The Joyful Lincoln Failla

The couple’s happiness multiplied when they welcomed their son, Lincoln Failla, into the world in 2008. As an active and cheerful child, Lincoln enjoys watching and playing football. He even co-hosted the 2 pm hour of Fox Across America, displaying his talents and enthusiasm at a young age.

Celebrating Love and Togetherness

Jimmy and Jenny Failla’s married life is a testament to love and togetherness. After 16 years of marriage, their affection for each other remains as strong as ever. Jimmy often shares sweet messages and pictures on special occasions, celebrating their enduring love and shared journey.


Jimmy Failla, the multi-talented entertainer, radiates not only on stage but also in his role as a family man. With his wife, Jenny, and their son, Lincoln, he has built a loving and supportive family that brings joy and happiness to their lives. As they continue to cherish each other’s presence, their love story serves as an inspiration to others, reminding us of the beauty of family bonds and the importance of celebrating love and togetherness.

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