John R Cuti is a celebrity ex-spouse, who received public attention when he married American television personality, Alexis Stewart. Though their marriage did not last long, it certainly helped John R Cuti to become a popular personality.

Today, we are here to talk everything about John R Cuti including his early life, family, siblings, education, profession, love life, children, earnings, net worth, and all other such details that you must know about him.

Personal life

With the fact that John R Cuti rose to popularity only after his marriage nothing much is available about his early life. The only confident information you can get about his childhood is that he was born on 5th June 1965. From the names of parents to his birthplace everything is a secret to the public.

Speaking of the married life of John R Cuti, he got married to an American TV personality Alexis Stewart in 1997. However, the two could not remain together for a long period of time and their marriage ended with divorce in 2004. After that, whether or not John R Cuti got into any other romantic relationship is not confirmed.

Parents and siblings

 We have already told you that not much of John R Cuti’s family background is known. So, you will not get any information about the parents as well as siblings of John R Cuti. Despite gaining some popularity, John R Cuti never bothered to talk about his parents and siblings.


John R Cuti was in a marital relationship for almost 7 years. However, he could not enjoy fatherhood through his marriage. Besides his marriage, he doesn’t have any kids from any other romantic relationships

Education and profession

Let us tell you directly that not a single piece of information is available on the education of John R Cuti. However, we are pretty sure that he is an educated man because he is an authority lawyer by profession. In addition, he also works as a problem solver.

Reason for the popularity of John R Cuti

It is pretty clear that the only reason for the popularity of John R Cuti is his ex-wife, Alexis Stewart, who is a renowned name in the American TV industry. Though the marriage was not successful, it definitely helped John R Cuti to gain popularity among people.

Net worth of John R Cuti

Considering the fact that John R Cuti is a well-established lawyer, it can be estimated that he must have amassed a whopping amount of money in his life. We are making an estimation because John R Cuti himself has not revealed any details regarding his earnings and net worth. If we talk about the net worth of his ex-wife, she is estimated to have around 1 million, which she has churned out through a successful acting career.


John R Cuti is not one of those people who can go to any extent to get some attention from the media. Despite the fact that he gets public attention because of being a celebrity spouse, he always keeps himself low profile.


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