Josh Fraser was born on February 11, 1960. His biological parents and place of birth remain unknown. Josh was adopted by Michael Fraser and his first wife, Dodie Fresher, as an infant. Michael (1936-1991) was a famous American writer, producer, director, and actor.

Despite growing in celebrity life, Josh has managed to stay away from the public limelight all his life, which explains why very little is known about him.

Despite the complicated relationship between his parents, Josh maintained close relations with his family members. He is a Caucasian, his zodiac sign is Aquarius, and he is an American by nationality.

His hair and eye color are brown, and he is a Jew by religion.

Josh Fresher’s Early Life

Josh was the second of Dodie-Levy Fraser’s three sons. His elder brother, Mark Fraser Landon (1948-2009), was Dodie-Levy Fraser’s son from an earlier marriage. Mark was 12 when the couple tied the knot.

The couple adopted Josh soon after marriage when Dodie discovered she could not have more due to a biological condition.

Sadly, Josh’s parent’s marriage began to crumble, and not even Dodie Levy’s adoption of a third child, Jason, in 1961 could save it. The couple separated ten months after Jason’s adoption and divorced in 1962.

Dodie secured custody over Josh and his two brothers and later got married to Dr. Peter Lake. She passed on in 1994 out of natural causes.

Josh Fraser’s Family

Despite being over 60 years, Josh remains single. Many of his fans have encouraged him to marry a woman and start a family of his own, but it looks like Josh prefers his single status. If he ever gets married, we’ll definitely update you.

Josh has always maintained close relations with his family members. His parents, Michael Landon and Dodie Levy Fraser, passed on, and so did some of his siblings. His celebrity father died of pancreatic cancer aged 64, while his mother died in 1994.

Josh is the second oldest child of Michael’s ten children from three marriages. His elder brother is Mark, while his younger brother is Jason.

People often exclude Jason from the list of Michael’s children, perhaps because he was only ten months old when his parents separated. An elderly Texan couple adopted three-year-old Jason, and he only got to find out about his Landon lineage in adulthood.

His half-siblings from His father’s marriage to Marjorie-Lynn Noe include Cherly Lynn Landon, Michael Landon Jr., Ann Landon, Christopher Beau Landon, and Shawna Leigh Landon.

Meanwhile, Josh’s half-siblings from his father’s marriage to Cindy Clerico are Jennifer Rachel Landon and Sean Mathew Landon.

Four of Josh’s siblings followed in their father’s footsteps and established careers in the entertainment industry. Mark Fraser was a famous actor, while Michael Landon is a television director and producer best known for his contribution to the Hallmark miniseries christened When Calls the Heart. Christopher Landon is a movie writer and director. Paranormal Activity (2014) and Freaky (2020) are some of the films Christopher directed. Jenifer Landon is an actor with three Emmy awards under her belt.

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