Joylette Goble is the daughter of the late Katherine Johnson and James Goble. Katherine was an astute American mathematician who worked with NASA. Joylette became famous due to her mother’s fame.

Personal Life

Joylette was born to James Goble and Katherine Johnson. The two got married in 1939, meaning Joylette was born after 1939. However, there’s little information about the mathematician’s daughter. We also have no records of Joylette’s educational background, career, or relationships.


Joylette is a sister to Katherine and Constance. Katherine dropped out of school to nurture her three daughters. Unfortunately, Constance Goble, the eldest sister to Joylette, died in 2010 at the age of 67.

The youngest sibling to Joylette, Katherine, has always spoken so fondly of her mother. She attributes her mother as a great woman who taught her daughters chores jovially.

Joylette Goble’s Parents

Joylette’s parents are James Goble and Katherine Johnson. James was the first husband to Katherine, with whom they had three daughters. Unfortunately, James fell ill and succumbed to an inoperable brain tumor in 1956. Katherine had to quit school to support her family when James fell sick.

However, in 1952, there were openings for black women in mathematics near Newport News, Virginia. That is when the Globes relocated to allow Katherine to pursue her dream.

Three years after the demise of James Globe, Katherine remarried Colonel James in 1959. At the time of her death in 2020, the two had been married for over 60 years.

Born in West Virginia, Katherine’s intense brilliance and curiosity about numbers made her stay ahead of her age mates. At 13, Katherine was already in a high school campus and the West Virginia College. Ashe enrolled herself in college, where she met her mentor, Professor W. W. Claytor. In 1937, Katherine graduated with the highest honors.

Katherine provided the math solution and trajectory analysis. Besides, she was called by NASA to do the complexity of the orbital flight, the work that made her famous. President Barack Obama honored Katherine with the Presidential Medal of Freedom award.

Katherine passed on Feb 24, 2020, at 101 years old. Her pioneering legacy and brilliance will never be forgotten. Her fame has put her children, particularly Joylette, into the limelight.

Joylette Goble Net Worth

There is no clear information about Joylette’s net worth. But she might ride on her mother’s net worth. Johnson was a brilliant NASA employee who earned well. Her net worth is estimated to be $1.7 billion. She was also considered one of the wealthiest mathematicians.

Joylette Goble Height & Body Measurements

Joylette’s height and weight measurements are not available. However, she wouldn’t be described as a short person. In complexion, Joylette has a fair skin tone with dark-brown hair.

Wrapping Up

Joylette Goble has risen to the limelight due to her mother’s fame. Although little is known about her, the daughter of a legendary mathematician leads a decent life. She might not have followed in her mother’s footsteps but seems to be doing well.

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