Kendrick Kurt Patino is a celebrity kid who has been in the headlines because of his famous parents. He is the eldest son of the veteran actress Kelly Stables and CEO of Patino Management Company, Kurt Patino.

Kendrick Kurt Patino’s Family

Kendrick Kurt Patino was born on September 7, 2012, to the actress Kelly Stables and the Manager and Producer, Kurt Patino. Kendrick has a younger sibling brother born on April 2, 2015, named Kellen William Patino.

Kelly Stables was born on 26 January 1978 in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. Her mother is Jill Cissell. Kelly also has a younger sister named Tanya Childress. On March 26, 2005, Kelly got married to Kurt Patino. The couple is a proud parent of two sons.

Kendrick Kurt Patino’s Net Worth

Kendrick Kurt Patino is a celebrity kid who has been enjoying fame and the spotlight since birth. He is definitely born with a silver spoon and is enjoying his luxurious childhood with his little brother, Kellen.

Kendrick’s father Kurt is a Talent Manager, Writer, Producer, Speaker, and Podcaster. He runs Patino Management Company (PMC), a full-service Talent Management firm representing Film/TV actors. In his nearly twenty-five-year career as a Talent Representative, Kurt has guided the careers of standout young talent such as Rami Malek, America Ferrera, Kelly Stables, Nichole Sakura, Molly Hagan, and Oscar® nominee Patty McCormack. He has produced several films, including Soul Fire Rising and Tin Holiday. Kurt is the President of the BURBANK INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, a voracious reader, and enjoys traveling with his family. He has a net worth of $4 million.

Kendrick’s mother, Kelly Stables, is a well-established actress who has appeared on stage and in film and television. She is known for her television roles, such as Melissa on Two and a Half Men, Eden Konkler on The Exes, and Kelly on Superstore. Kelly has also acted in several plays. Her two most extensive theatrical roles were in the Thousand Oaks Civic Light Opera’s production of Peter Pan as Wendy, and in Sleeping Beauty as the title character. She is best known in the world of film for the stunt work she did for The Ring, and for taking over for Daveigh Chase in portraying the (off-tape) evil Samara Morgan for The Ring Two. She was also in the short film Rings. Her roles in the Bring it On and Ring franchises would boost her popularity to the point of gaining mention in Rolling Stone, Star, and Us Weekly.

From 2004 to 2006, Kelly voiced Will Vandom on W.I.T.C.H. and had roles on General Hospital and St. Bartes-Aspen. She also briefly appeared in the unaired pilot for The Grubbs in 2002, and had a role in an episode of Cavemen in November 2007, playing a 12-year-old cave kid boy. She has a net worth of $5 million.

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