He might be Hollywood’s favorite, but Eric Banadinovich, the Dirty John star, is most content when in his role as a father and partner to his wife, Rebecca. The Full Frontal star, is the father of two amazing kids, Klaus and Sophia Banadinovich.

Eric first had the attention of the media through his appearance in Full Frontal. The truth is that Eric is an introverted character in real life. He may be a celebrity but he keeps most of his personal life to himself.

However, his son Klaus Bana now takes after his father. He follows in his footsteps and is becoming a person of interest in the mainstream media. Let’s find out the most intriguing things about Klaus Banadinovich and his family.

Personal Life

Klaus Bana was born in July 1999. His parents are the talented, Eric Bana and Rebecca Gleeson. Klaus is the first child of the Australian actor and comedian.

Like his father, Klaus is an aspiring filmmaker. He attended and graduated from the Victorian College of Arts. Klaus wanted to become a filmmaker since he was a child.

He always found the cinematography field fascinating and his father inspired him. He has been on numerous projects including, The Underpass, where he had a major role. He directed the short film about a struggling music student who travels through dark times in the scary parts of Melbourne.

Travel and history are two of his favorite things in the world. There are numerous photos of Klaus and his dad traveling together. The lookalike father-son due also works out and takes strolls in the sun together.

The media captured a photo of Eric and his son proudly displaying the outstanding outcomes of their regular workout routine. The proud father of two had a tight-fitting sky-blue zip-up and workout shorts in the snap. As always, he tried to stay on the down low by wearing dark sunglasses.

In the meantime, Klaus’s outfit was more casual. He had on a pair of black converse, a grey T-shirt, blue skinny jeans, and a cardigan wrapped around his waist.


Klaus Bana has one sister, Sophie, who is younger than him. She was born in April 2002 and also lives with her family in Melbourne.

Talent runs in Eric Bana’s family. Her daughter is a dancer and model. She works with the Melbourne Talent Agency. Her dream is to become a professional model and actress.

About Eric Bana

If you have watched the 1993- The Castle film, then you would recognize Eric Bana from his character, Con Petropoulos. He debuted on the late-night talk show, Tonight Live. The show lay a foundation that later led to his appearance on Full Frontal. Some of his other successful projects include Black Hawk Down, Troy, Hulk, Dirty John, and Lone Survivor.

Net Worth

Klaus Bana is still new to the filmmaking industry. His net worth is approximately five million dollars. His father, Eric has been on many successful projects and this made more money. His net worth is approximately $45 million.

Wrapping Up

Growing up, Eric Banadinovich kept his children away from the limelight. This is something that the kids are thankful for since their lives would have taken a completely different direction.


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