Laura Ann Locklear is a celebrity mother, best known for being the mother of American famous actress, Marla Ann Maples, who is the ex-spouse of American former President Donald Trump. She is fortunate enough to enjoy the stardom of her daughter.

In this article, we are going to tell you all about Laura Ann Locklear including her early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, age, love life, and other such details.

Personal life

Since Laura Ann Locklear herself is not a celebrity and is famous in the world only because of her daughter, not at all any details are available about her early life. Be it the names of her parents or her date of birth, everything is a secret to the public.

If we talk about her love life, here you will get some information. She was married to Stanley Edward Maples, who is a real estate developer, country commissioner, singer, and songwriter. When the two got married and whether or not they are together today is not confirmed.

Parents and siblings

We have already told you that not much information is available about the early life of Laura Ann Locklear including the name of her parents and siblings. Given this fact, you will hardly find anything about her parents as well as siblings. Not just Laura Ann Locklear but her celebrity daughter also never bothered to talk about her family background and grandparents.


How many kids Laura Ann Locklear exactly had is not known but there is information available about only one daughter and her name is Marla Maples, who is the ex-spouse of American former President Donald Trump.

Education and profession

Like many other details about Laura Ann Locklear, you will not find any information about her education as well. If you talk about the profession of Laura Ann Locklear, she was not professionally active as such during her youth. However, she tried her hands at modeling other than being a homemaker.

Reason for the popularity of Laura Ann Locklear

The only reason for the popularity of Laura Ann Locklear is her daughter, Marla Maples, who is worldwide famous because of being an ex-spouse of Donald Trump. The duo of mother and daughter is hardly spotted together. Yet, Laura Ann Locklear is popular because of being her mother.

Net worth of Laura Ann Locklear

Since Laura Ann Locklear was not very much active professionally and was a homemaker, we don’t think she had any net worth. However, considering the profession of her husband and then her daughter, it does not come as a surprise that Laura Ann Locklear definitely enjoyed huge luxury in her life. As for the net worth of her daughter, she is estimated to have around 6 million, which she has accumulated through her acting career.


Though Laura Ann Locklear did not have any profession in her life, she definitely raised her daughter with such a strong upbringing that she could do something extraordinary on her own and make a name in the world.


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