Leroy Mcduffie was a celebrity father best known because of his son, Dwayne McDuffie, who was a famous American writer and wrote several comic books. The renowned son of Leroy Mcduffie died in 2011. Needless to mention that Leroy Mcduffie is also a dead personality today.

Here, let us unfold all the details about Leroy Mcduffie including his early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, earnings, and all other such details.

Personal life

With the fact that the only reason for the popularity of Leroy Mcduffie is his son, not at all any information is available about his birth details. Neither the names of his parents nor his exact date of birth is known to the public.

Speaking of the married life of Leroy Mcduffie, nothing much is available about that either. The only available information about his personal life is the name of his wife Edna McDuffie Gardner. How their married life was and how long they remained together is still a matter of secret to the public.

Parents and siblings

We have already told you that you will hardly find any significant information about the parents and siblings of Leroy Mcduffie because his family background is a complete mystery to the public. Besides him, his famous son also never bothered to talk about his grandparents.


This is again an untold topic to the public. Given the fact, the exact number of kids of Leroy Mcduffie is not known. There is information available about only one son of his and he is none other than Dwayne McDuffie, a famous American comic writer.

Education and profession

 The educational background of Leroy Mcduffie is not an exception when it comes to public information. Yes, not even a single piece of information is available about the educational background of Leroy Mcduffie, not just that but his professional details are also completely under wraps.

Reason for the popularity of Leroy Mcduffie

The whole credit for the popularity of Leroy Mcduffie goes to his son, Dwayne McDuffie, who has gained significant success as a comic author. Despite the fact that the father and son together hardly made public appearances, Leroy Mcduffie is still known because of his son only.

Net worth of Leroy Mcduffie

With the fact that the professional details of Leroy Mcduffie are an absolute secret, finding out any details about his earnings and net worth is not really possible. Maybe Leroy Mcduffie was not interested in making his life details public and this was the reason that he never revealed anything about life. If you talk about the net worth of his author son, he had an estimated net worth of around $5 million at the time of his death in 2011.


This is really a proud thing for Leroy Mcduffie that his son could earn such a big name in the world. The interesting thing is that he was active in such a profession that requires incredibly creative skills and not everyone dares to become an author.

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