We all know Lily Allen and Keith Allen because of their fame. The Allen house is full of well-known personalities, except for one, Gala Talbott.

Starting with the father, he debuted in Hour Party People, The Others, and Shallow Grave. He is an actor and director. His latest successful projects include Kingsman: The Golden Circle and the Pembrokeshire Murders.

Are you a Game of Thrones fan? That is where you find another famous Allen (Alfie Allen) as Theon Greyjoy. He is also in other moves and TV Shows including, SAS Rogue Heroes, Jojo Rabbit, Night Teeth, and How to Build a Girl. The English actor is an award winner and nominee in different categories.

Lily Allen is a singer-songwriter and actress who is also famous. Some of her hit songs include Smile, Not Fair, The Fear, and Hard Out Here. Her biggest hit of all time was Just Good to Green.

Unlike her siblings, Gala is something of an enigma. Let’s learn about the not-so-world-famous sibling of the Allen family.

Personal Life

Keith Allen is the father of Gala Talbott. She was born in 1991 to Angela Talbott, a black woman in London. The specific details about the date and month remain unknown.

Although Gala is the biological daughter of the famous actor, he initially refused to accept his role as the dad. Her existence has thus been a family secret right from her birth. Keith reportedly stopped paying child support at some point.


Gala Talbott has five siblings. Teddie-Rose Malleson Allen, Alfie Allen, Lily Allen, Sara Owen, and Rebecca Allen are her siblings.

Alfie Allen is the actor whose character in Game of Thrones was Theon Greyjoy. Lily Allen is a 37-year-old singer and songwriter. Teddie-Rose Malleson-Allen is 17 years old and she is an actress. Some of her most popular movies include Four Kids and It, and Swallows and Amazons.

According to reports from Angela, Gala’s mixed-race origin was part of the reason why Keith Allen abandoned her. The British actor and Angela dated shortly, a phenomenon that resulted in Gala’s birth.

Sources report that Keith asked Angela to terminate her pregnancy but she declines. In reality, Gala has only seen her father a handful of times in her entire life.

Gala About Her Deadbeat Dad

Gala claimed that it had been four years since her father’s last visit. She reported to the Sun that she did not know her father. These are reports that she gave as a teenager. She added that she never wanted to see him again. As she spoke out, she urged her father to pay child support as it was his responsibility and the right thing to do.

Net Worth

Gala Talbott has never spoken about her source of income. As a result, there are no details about her net worth. On the other hand, Keith Allen is quite rich. His net worth is 10 million dollars.

Final Thoughts

It is plausible to assume that Gala Talbott may not have had the best life growing up. Rejection from a father can affect a child. We hope that she has moved on and is doing much better as an adult.


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