Linda Myers is a common name in Hollywood. She is an actress and musician. The exceptional singer was also married to the late DJ, actor, and radio famous presenter, Casey Kasem.

Many people loved Casey Kasem for his role as the voice of Shaggy in Scooby Doo. That is when he garnered worldwide recognition. In addition, Linda made her debut when she appeared in Up the Academy.

Keep reading to discover more about the ex-wife of the world-famous radio presenter.

Personal Details

Linda Myers is an American citizen whose parents were Mr. and Mrs. Naylor. Information regarding her place of birth and birthday remains concealed. Besides, there is little to say about Linda Myers before her marriage to the American DJ and media personality.

It is her relationship with the radio presenter that brought the attention of the media to Linda Myers Kasem. The actress tied the knot with Casey Kasem in 1972. Later the couple had three beautiful children; Kerri, Julie, and Michael Kasem.

Linda Myers And Casey Kasem’s Marriage

As mentioned earlier, the singer and DJ got hitched in 1972. Linda became the mother of Kasem’s three children. The marital relationship lasted for seven years before the couple began to have problems.

They separated and finalized the divorce in 1979. According to sources, Linda reported that the main cause of the divorce was her husband’s high temper.

After the divorce, Linda moved on and established a new life for herself. She kept most of her life private until 1980 when she appeared in the film, Up The Academy. Her character in the Movie was Botch Officer number two. After the film, she kept her life from the media until the death of her ex-husband.

Linda Kasem’s Children

Linda had three children. Two of them have followed in her footsteps and entered the realm of showbiz.

Her firstborn daughter, Kerri Kasem is a well-known multimedia personality. She is also a producer and writer. Kerri has been a music, talk show, and entertainment programs anchor for over two decades.

Linda and Casey’s second son, Michael (Mike Kasem), is a Television presenter, actor, and DJ like his father. His debut was in the movie, Singapore. He also had a role in Afterimages.

The youngest daughter of Myers is a pretty private person. She maintains a low profile; so there is very little to say about her.

Casey Kasem’s Other Marriages

After his split with Linda, Casey moved on and had other relationships. He married Jean Thompson Kasem. She is a former actress. According to reports, Jean never wanted Linda’s kids in her husband’s house when he was alive.

Worse even, she cut off all contact between the father and his children when he was ill. According to sources, Jean’s stepchildren held a protest outside of their father’s house in 2013 to see their dad.

Unfortunately, Casey Kasem passed away on the 15th of June 2014. After his death, the family feud continued for years with lawsuits and blame.

Wrapping Up

Linda Myers loved her husband. She fought for her kids to spend time with their father when he was alive. Although she keeps a low profile, we hope she is happy and healthy.


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