Lucille Ascolese was the first wife of Roy Rogers, an American television personality, singer, and actor. She was born in Los Angeles, California, on March 23,  1914. Lucille met Roy Rogers when she was 18, and she had been admiring him for some time. They talked and liked each other; they dated for a year before getting married in 1933.

Lucille and Rogers’s union was officialized with a Los Angeles judge. However, their marriage did not survive for long, as they filed for divorce in 1936. During their time together, they did not have any children.

Life After Divorcing Roy Rogers

After Lucille Ascolese divorced Roy, she kept a low profile, and most details about her love life are unknown. However she married a man named Glen Allen Dinsmore in 1958, but something which has not been clarified is whether she was married between 1936 and 1958 and had any kids.

Lucille’s Ex-Husband

Lucille’s ex-husband quit high school as a sophomore to help his father at their factory. He auditioned for a music radio program at 19; on the program, he played the guitar, yodeled, and sang, and after the performance, he joined a country music group. After staying in the band for a year, Roy left to form his band but failed in his quest.

Lucille’s ex-husband kept moving from one group to another. However, he partnered with Nolan, Spencer, and Hugh Farr to form the band Sons of the Pioneers and used to perform on radio shows. Months later, they made a name for themselves, and their fans loved them; they recorded over 30 songs together.

Lucille’s ex-husband made his film debut in 1935, appearing as a singing cowboy. He featured in several other films and television shows, including The Ranger and the Lady, Robin Hood of the Pecos, Sheriff of Tombstone, Red River Valley, Hit Parade of 1947, The Far Frontier, The Golden Stallion, and Twilight in the Sierras.

Lucille’s ex-husband has received several accolades for his marvelous work and impact on the acting industry. On the Hollywood Walk of Fame, he has three stars. Lucille’s ex-husband was elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame and installed in the Western Performers Hall of Fame in 1976.

Her Ex-Husband’s Personal Life

Before divorcing Lucille Ascolese, Roy Rogers had met Grace Arline Wilkins, who later became his second wife. They married in 1936 and adopted Cheryl Darlene five years later. Roy’s second wife died in November 1946, a few days after giving birth to their son. Lucille’s ex-husband then met actress and singer Dale Evans in married in Davis, Oklahoma, in 1947.

Roy and Dale had one child and adopted others; however, one of the adopted children died of mumps. Lucille’s ex-husband was married to Dale Evans until he died in 1998, when he died in Apple Valley, California, due to congestive heart failure.


Lucille Ascolese died on February 21, 2001, in Wilmington, Los Angeles, California, aged 86. Her cause of death was not mentioned, but it is probably complications that come with old age.

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