Maria Dolores Rivero-Torres has remained famous thanks to her ex-husband Joe Don Baker, an American actor. She married the actor in 1969 and divorced 11 years later, and it is unclear if they had any children together. Before getting married, they had been dating for a long time. After their divorce, Maria kept a low profile, and it is unclear if she remarried.

Details on what Maria Dolores Rivero-Torres did to earn a living are also unavailable. However, she must have found something to do after her divorce from Joe Don Baker to care for her financial needs.

Her Ex-Husband

After completing his studies at the University of North Texas, Maria’s ex-husband joined the U.S Army and served for some time before venturing into acting. He started working in theatres and on Broadway and later moved to television.

Her Ex-Husband’s Acting Career

Maria’s ex-husband joined the Actors Studio and became a life member. After appearing in some Broadway plays, Joe Don Baker made his television debut in 1965 in an episode of Honey West. Joe’s acting career has been more on television; however, he appeared in some films, including Cool Hand Luke.

Maria’s ex-husband gained more recognition in 1973 when he was featured in the film Walking Tall as Sheriff Buford Pusser. He had appeared as a deputy sheriff in 1971’s Wild Rovers. Joe Don’s other projects in the 1970s include The Outfit, Golden Needles, The Shadow of Chikara, That Certain Summer, The Pack, and Speedtrap.

Joe Don Baker also appeared in James Bond shows; he was cast as Brad Whitaker in the movie The Living Daylights. Maria’s ex-husband also appeared in Tomorrow Never Dies and Goldeneye, where he played Jack Wade, a CIA agent.

In his final years in acting, Joe Don landed a few roles. For instance, in the 2000s, he appeared in less than ten projects, some of which were never credited. His final projects were Mud, The Cleaner, The Dukes of Hazzard, and Strange Wilderness.

Net Worth of Joe Don Baker

Maria Dolores’s ex-husband was in the acting industry for nearly five decades, appearing in many television shows and films. Through his numerous performance, he made a lot of wealth, with his net worth estimated to be 3 million dollars. The retired actor is probably leading a happy life with that amount of money.

Her Ex-Husband’s Life After Retiring

Since Joe Don Baker retired from acting in 2012, he has kept a low profile. He does not often show up at public events; he is probably spending time with his loved ones, whom he has failed to mention to the public. It is unclear if he has any children, so it is hard to tell who lives with him, currently

Is Maria Dolores Still Alive?

It is unclear if Maria Dolores Rivero-Torres is still alive, but no information has emerged that may indicate she is dead. It is okay to assume that she is full of life; it is just that she chose to live away from the public eye.

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