Marshneil Gavaskar is the wife of former Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar. Despite being the wife of a celebrity, Marshneil has kept a low profile; however, she usually accompanies her husband to events and parties. Marshneil hails from Kanpur, her father was a leather industrialist, but little is known about her mother, Pushpa Mehrotra.

How Marshneil Met Her Husband

Marshneil Gavaskar was a student in one of the colleges in India’s capital New Delhi when she met Sunil Gavaskar. Marshneil and some of her friends left school at lunchtime to go and watch a cricket game, and that is when she saw him. At the end of the game, she approached Sunil to get an autograph; they liked each other and months later, Sunil proposed to Marshneil.

They married the following year, on September 23, 1974, and have been together all along. They have one son, Rohan Gavaskar, born in February 1976.

Educational Background and Career

When Marshneil Gavaskar met Sunil, she was a student at one of the colleges in New Delhi, but the name had not been mentioned, as well as the course she was pursuing. It is unclear if she pursued a career after college, but she supported her husband’s career. She runs an organization that promotes sporting activities, including cricket.

Her Husband

Marshneil’s husband began playing cricket in high school; he was the Best Cricketer in India as a high school student. After a successful cricket career at the domestic level, Sunil was selected to be part of the Indian team to tour the West Indies and helped his team win against the West Indies, their first-ever win.

In  1971 during the England tour, Marshneil’s husband was not at his best, and some started questioning his quality. In later years, he continued performing at the highest level, and he served as the captain of the Indian team on several occasions, with most of the games ending in draws with an almost equal number of wins and losses.

In 1979 during their England tour, Marshneil’s husband was stripped of the captaincy and given to someone with more experience but was later restored as the captain. Some of Sunil’s achievements include becoming the first player to reach over ten thousand runs. Marshneil’s husband has also tried his luck in acting, appearing in some films. He currently works as a cricket commentator


In 2008, Marshneil Gavaskar’s husband sparked a public reaction after his comments regarding the Sydney Test Match. He spoke of the referee’s conduct and his biases in the game. The same year, Sunil found himself in a rather tricky situation where he either had to quit his job as a news columnist and commentator or his position at the ICC. He accused his employers of racism, which elicited a public reaction.

 Net Worth of Marshneil Gavaskar’s Husband

Marshneil Gavaskar had a successful career as a cricketer, after which he became a commentator. He has a net worth of approximately 30 million dollars. Besides, he is still a sports pundit, and his wealth will grow.

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