Maximus Stratus Fisico is the firstborn son of Canadian actress, media personality, and professional wrestler Trish Stratus. His father is Ron Fisico, a Canadian bodybuilder. Maximus Stratus Fisico, born in October 2013, has a younger sister named Madison Patricia.

Maximus or his parents have not mentioned his passion, but maybe someday he may thrive in the entertainment industry as an actor, model, or wrestler, just like his mother.

Education and Family Time

Maximus has already started attending school, and given his parents’ financial status, it must be a good school in Toronto, Canada. His younger sister has already started going to school. Maximus likes spending time with his mother, younger sister, and father. The last holiday was memorable for each of his family members as they visited new places.

His Parents Relationship

Maximus Stratus’s parents met in high school, where they became sweethearts. They stayed together and married in 2006 after dating for fourteen years. Several WWE lady stars attended their wedding ceremony. Most couples often go on a honeymoon, but for Maximus’s parents, it was different; his mother got a call to be part of Armed & Famous television, and she left.

His Mother’s Career

Maximus Fisico’s mother started her career as a fitness model before moving to wrestle. She then joined the World Wrestling Federation in 2000, making her debut in March of the same year. Trish managed a tag team of Prince Albert and Test; during her time with the team, she was attacked by Dudley Boyz for taunting Bubba Ray Dudley for weeks.

Maximus’s mother then managed Val Venis, who managed to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship. In June 2000, Trish Stratus made her ring debut, winning a tag team match against Lita and the Hardy Boyz. After the match, Trish had a feud with Lita, which had to be settled in a ring.

A match between Maximus Stratus’s mother and Lita was set up, which Trish won. Despite some injuries, Trish won the WWE Hardcore Championship in 2002. Maximus’s had a good run in wrestling. Most female wrestlers have been inspired by Trish, including Sasha Banks, Micki James, and Natalya, among others.

Maximus’s mother occasionally returns to WWE as a guest but sometimes participates in matches. Trish Stratus is currently a judge in Canada’s Got Talent; she has also involved herself with a lot of charity work and runs several businesses.

Social Media and Net Worth

Maximus Stratus Fisico has gained recognition as a celebrity kid; as his mother’s fans check on her personal life, he also falls into their trail. Maximus is not yet active on social media as he is still young; however, you can find his pictures on her mother’s Instagram handle since she likes posting them. Trish is also on Twitter.

Maximus’s mother has achieved success in every interest she has pursued. Throughout her career, she has earned a lot of money. For instance, she won a championship, and the proceedings that come with a win are enormous. Her net worth is approximately 6 million dollars.

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