Mayme Edna Revere was born on March 18, 1912, in Tallahatchie County, Mississippi, USA. She was the only known child of Jacob and Lenora (Greenlee) Revere of Charleston. Her siblings are not known. Mayme is the mother of a famous actor called Morgan Freeman. Her husband was the late Grafton C. Curtis.

Mayme Edna Revere’s Personal Life

Mayme Edna Revere worked as a teacher and a nursing aide. Besides Morgan, she had other children: Billy Rose Freeman, Iris Virginia Gordon, Othello Anderson, and Clifton Curtis. Mayme also had three stepdaughters: Hazel Curtis Hardy, Curtis Dent, and Veronica Curtis Smith. Additionally, Mayme had forty-one grandchildren (including step-grandchildren) and sixteen great-grandchildren.

Mayme Edna Revere was a cousin to Gloria Greenlee, Rita Jean, Catherine Carr Estes, Jay Buxton, and Hubert Sallis. She was Clara J. Sallis’ aunt, and Alma Jean Curtis and Albert were her niece and nephew, respectively.

Mayme married Grafton Curtis, who was Morgan’s stepfather. Mayme was popularly known by her nickname “Mother of God.” This nickname meant that his son Morgan was a “godlike” actor.

Church and Education

Mayme Edna Revere went to high school and graduated from Mary Holmes Seminary in West Point, Mississippi. She was a pianist and played for many choirs and churches in the surrounding counties. Mayme was also a member of the Choir at Mt. Olive Baptist Church, where she sang solos during church services. She also traveled to other local churches to perform solo concerts whenever needed.

Additionally, Mayme was a charter member of Trinity Missionary Baptist Temple. She was a responsible mother and was passionate about her children’s interests. She was a travel enthusiast who visited most parts of the world.

Mayme Edna Revere’s Son Morgan Freeman

Morgan was born June 1, 1937, in Memphis, Tennessee. After he was born, his mother went to Chicago and left him with his grandmother. He is a renowned American director, narrator, and actor. His powerful deep voice made him famous worldwide, and he has acted in various film genres for about five decades. He has earned multiple awards in his acting career, including: Golden Globe Award, Academy Award, and Screen Actors Guild Award.

Morgan grew up in Mississippi and started acting in various school plays here. He went to Los Angeles, where he studied theater.

Morgan rose to fame in the 1970s while working in a TV series, The ElApart from being Morgan Freeman’s mother, Mayme Edna Revere is fondly remembered in the Mississippi community as having lived a life filled with significant contibutibutions and charitable activities.ectric Company. Since then, he has acted in other films, including Shakespearean, Coriolanus, Julius Caesar (He won an Obie Award), Glory, Street Smart, and Driving Miss Daisy.

In addition to acting, Morgan and his business partner, Lori McCreary, founded the Revelations Entertainment Film Company.

Mayme Edna Revere’s Charitable Activities

Apart from being Morgan Freeman’s mother, Mayme Edna Revere is fondly remembered among the Mississippi community as having lived a life full of contibutibutions  and charitable activities.

Mayme Edna Revere’s Death

Mayme died on December 30, 2000, at the age of 88. She succumbed to a stroke at Baptist Memorial Hospital. She was buried in Sonedna Memorial Grounds Cemetery. Until her death, Mayme was a Church of Christ member and a music minister at the Baptist Association.

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