Life becomes more enjoyable and a little more special when your father is a celebrity and the same goes for Moses Mckeehan. His father, TobyMac, is an American singer and this is why Moses Mckeehan managed to grab public attention right from his childhood.

Today, let us tell you everything about Moses Mckeehan including his early life, siblings, education, profession, net worth, age, love life, parents, earnings, and all other things.

Personal life

Moses Mckeehan took birth on 30 April 2002 in the USA as the son of TobyMac and Amanda Levy McKeehan. Moses Mckeehan holds American nationality while his religious views are not known to the public yet.

If you talk about his love life, Moses Mckeehan is 21 years old today, so it won’t be wrong to say that he must be in a love relationship. However, he is smart enough to keep the details regarding that away from the eyes of the public.

Parents and siblings

Moses Mckeehan is the darling son of TobyMac and Amanda Levy McKeehan, who got married in 1994 and has been together since then. In addition to Moses Mckeehan, his parents have two more kids and their names are Marlee McKeehan and Truett McKeehan.

Truett McKeehan, the elder brother of Moses Mckeehan died in 2019. Given the fact right, Moses Mckeehan has only one sibling right now.

Speaking of the professions of his parents, you already know that the father of Moses Mckeehan is a renowned musician, while his mother hasn’t disclosed any details regarding her profession.


With the fact that Moses Mckeehan is only 21 years old today, it can’t be said that he would have any kids. However, there is nothing confirmed available about the children of Moses Mckeehan.

Education and profession

The parents of Moses Mckeehan have preferred to keep the personal life details of Moses Mckeehan away from the public. Owing to this fact, nothing is available about the education as well as the profession of Moses Mckeehan.

Considering the age of Moses Mckeehan, we hope that he would not be professionally active at the moment but he must be done with his graduation.

Reason for the popularity of Moses Mckeehan

His father, TobyMac, is the sole reason for the popularity of Moses Mckeehan. Being a celebrity child, he has always been a matter of public attention. Even today, Moses Mckeehan is spotted with his father sometimes and this is why he grabs public attention.

Net worth of Moses Mckeehan

Considering the age of Moses Mckeehan, we don’t think Moses Mckeehan has any profession. Given the fact, there is no chance of him having any net worth either.

At the moment, he is just enjoying the money of his father, TobyMac, who has an estimated net worth of around 10 million. The main source of his earnings is obviously his music career.


Since Moses Mckeehan is a celebrity child, he knows very well how to handle the media and the public. It won’t be a surprise if he steps into the glamor world like his father.


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