When you live a great life, people will live to tell your story, and your name will never be forgotten. For Narvel Leroy Blackstock, God rest his soul in eternal peace; he is one of the lucky people to have people still curious to know a few details about him. Today’s post will cover details about Narvel Leroy Blackstock. We will discuss his early life, family, death, burial, and son. Take a look!

Early Life of Narvel Leroy Blackstock

The life story of Narvel Leroy Blackstock began in March 1926, after his birth. He was born in Roscoe; his parents were Mabel Arona Sanderson Blackstock and Shelby Herschel. Narvel Leroy was lucky to marry a loving wife named Gloria Alexander. Narvel married his wife on July 11, 1942. Their wedding was celebrated in Cleburne.

Narvel Leroy was raised in the church and was a committed member of the Calvary Pentecostal Church based in Fort Worth. Still, he was a member of the Texas Peace Makers Camping Club. Narvel’s undeniable love for his church and his family was always his priority.

Throughout his lifetime, Narvel fancied traveling and was named “around the block Sam” because of his love for travelling.

Narvel Leroy’s Career

Although many details about the life of Narvel Leroy remain hidden, in terms of his career, he was a retired engraver. Moreover, he worked as a painter for Lockheed Martin, where he worked for 42 years.

Narvel Leroy’s Death and Funeral

Life is a candle, and for Narvel Leroy, his candle stopped burning at the age of 79 years. He lived peacefully and cheerfully until he died on November 14, 2005. His death met him while he was in Fort Worth.

At the time of his death, Narvel Leroy left behind his high school darling and wife, Gloria Blackstock, who was 63 years old. He left behind his three sons Narvel W Blackstock, Reba of Nashville, and Tenn. Still, he left behind his daughter, Patricia Law, who married Dan of Burleson.

Moreover, he had 12 grandchildren at the time of his death. His funeral service was held at Calvary Pentecostal Church in Fort Worth.

Who is Narvel Leroy’s Son

Among the sons of Narvel Leroy, one popular name is Narvel Blackstock. He is a famous American television show producer, entrepreneur, and manager. He was born on August 1956, and he has lived a Christian life thanks to his parents’ Christian setting and upbringing.

Narvel Blackstock enjoys music and, at some point, used to play guitar in various concerts. Narvel Blackstock is estimated to have a net worth of $7 million as a celebrity. His wealth has been attributed to his entrepreneurial, producer, and manager profession. Although he has never shared details about his studies, it is believed he studied at a reputable university.

Narvel has married two wives, and all cases have ended up in divorce. Narvel is single, and we will keep an eye on more details about his marriage life.



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