Another notable media personality is Stanley Tucci. He is an American movie director, producer, and actor and was the first Avenger actor and Captain America. Stanley is best known in movies like Beauty and Beast, Margin Call, Jolt, and Big Night. In this post, we will be discussing one of Stanley’s children, Nicolo Robert Tucci. The young man recently made his debut in the Hollywood industry.

Would you like to discover some unknown facts about Nicolo Robert Tucci? We have researched the young actor’s biography, education, relationship status, and other details about his life. Keep scrolling to the end of this page to discover all the amazing facts.

Nicolo Robert Tucci’s Biography

Nicolo Robert Tucci is famous as the celebrity son of Stanley Tucci and his late wife, Kate Tucci. He was born on January 21th, 2000.

The white American national is of the Aquarius zodiac. He is currently 5 feet 7 inches tall and is a Christian by faith.

Nicolo Robert Tucci’s Early Life

The young adult was born and brought up in Manhattan, New York, United States. He was raised in a loving family alongside his other two siblings.

Nicolo Robert Tucci’s Parents

Nicolo’s father is a screenwriter and actor, Stanley Tucci. His mother’s name is Kathryn Spath. She was a social worker who volunteered and worked for welfare. Stanley and Kate married in 1995 and were blessed with three kids.

Unfortunately, the Tucci family lost Kate to breast cancer in 2009. She left behind her husband and three children, which include Nacolo, his twin, and a elder sibling. The incident was very tragedic, and it took a long while before the family moved on.

Nicolas Father, Stanley Tucci’s Second Marriage

Stanley Tucci’s second marriage was with Felicity Blunt, whom he married in 2012. The wedding took place at a registrar’s office, and there was also a big celebration at Mid Temple Hall in London. That was on September 29th, 2012.

Stanley and Felicity have remained happily married. They have two children who are Nicola’s half-siblings.


Nicolo Robert has 4 siblings, two from his biological mother and the other two from his stepmother. Nicolo is a twin. His twin sister’s name is Isabella Concetta Tucci. His other sibling from his biological mother is Camilla Tucci. She was born in 2002.

Nicolo Robert’s half-siblings are Matteo Oliver and Emilia Giovanna. They are from his father’s second marriage to Felicity Blunt.

Nicolo Robert Tucci’s Relationship

The up-and-coming actor has kept his romantic affairs private. There is no information at the moment about whom he is seeing.


We do not have news about his educational achievements. He could probably be done with his college university at one of the top universities in the USA.

Nicolas Robert Tocci’s Career

The young adult is following in his father’s footsteps. He has shown great interest in Hollywood and has made his debut in the American movie industry.

Speaking of Stanley Tocci’s career, he started acting at a very young age and got a breakthrough in his career in the mid-90s. Aside from his profession in Hollywood, Stanley Tucci is also an erstwhile fashion model.


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