Ona Fontaine White’s family rose to fame with the 2009 documentary film The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia, directed by Julien Nitzberg, chronicling the White family of Boone County, West Virginia. Ona’s mother, Bertie Mae is known as “The Miracle Woman” because of her lifelong dedication to raising abandoned children. Ona’s brother, Jesco White is a well-known mountain dancer.

Ona Fontaine White’s Family

Ona Fontaine White was born on 15 August 1951, in Boone County, West Virginia, United States to Donald Ray White, one of the greatest mountain dancers in the United States, and Bertie Mae White. Another family member who has gained immense popularity is Jesco White, born on July 30, 1956, Ona’s younger brother, who followed in his father’s footsteps. Jesco’s dance style is a subtle mix of tap and clog that is native to Appalachia. After the death of his father, Jesco obtained D. Ray’s tapping shoes which he wears while performing. Jesco was married to Norma Jean White, until her death (1974–2009) and later married Alida White in 2011.

D.Ray and Bertie had a total of 13 children. Mamie White is their oldest daughter and girlfriend of Billy Hastings. Bo White is another daughter. She is the mother of Kirk White and Derek Castle. Sue Bob White is the youngest of Bertie’s children, and she is a former stripper and the mother of Brandon and Ashley Poe. Ona married Clyde Ray Davis in 1946 and had two children: a daughter named Anna Mae Davis and a son named Danny Ray Davis. Ona was murdered on 27 May 1971 by her husband Clyde.

Steve Allen Rowe, a fellow resident of Boone County, West Virginia, shot D. Ray and his sons Jesco and Dorsey with a 12-gauge shotgun outside their home on July 2, 1985, after quarreling with White and his sons. The shotgun wound to the chest killed D. Ray, and Jesco and Dorsey were injured.

Ona Fontaine White’s Net Worth

Ona Fontaine White is a known name thanks to the documentary film The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia. The film mentions the details of the death of patriarch Donald Ray “D. Ray” White, as well as his rise to stardom as one of the most famous mountain dancers of his time. The illness of his widow, Bertie Mae White, is documented throughout the film.

Ona’s brother Jesco is an American folk dancer and entertainer. He is best known as the subject of three American documentary films that detail his desire to follow in his famous father’s footsteps while dealing with depression, drug addiction, alcoholism, and the poverty that affects some parts of rural Appalachia. Referred to as ‘Appalachian Royalty’ by some, Jesco is best known as ‘The Dancing Outlaw’. The White family had a combined net worth of $15 million approx.


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