Oscar Holly Marmet is a celebrity child; his mother is American actress Robin Tunney, and his father is Nicky Marmet. He was born on June 23, 2016; his parents usually post him on their Instagram pages on his birthday. Oscar Holly Marmet has a younger sister named Colette Kathleen.

Regarding his education, Oscar has already started going to school; he completed kindergarten in 2022. He is currently in first grade, but his parents have not mentioned which school he attends.

His Parents’ Personal Life

Oscar’s parents have not publicly spoken of how they met, but they dated for some time before getting engaged on December 25, 2012. Robin and Nicky have been together for over ten years, and their love for each keeps growing daily; they are parents to two beautiful kids. Before meeting Robin, Nicky lived a private life, and little is known about his previous relationships.

Oscar’s father was married to Bob Gosse, a director, and producer; they married in October 1997 but divorced after nine years. Robin Tunney then dated Andrew Dominik and was engaged for a year before separating in 2010; then, she met Oscar’s father.

His Mother’s Acting Career

Oscar Holly Marmet’s mother began acting in 1991, appearing in some plays before appearing on television shows and movies. In 1992, Robin Tunney played the role of Ella in Encino Man; three years later, she was cast in the coming-of-age movie Empire Records. Oscar’s mother’s other film projects include Looking Glass, My All American, Horse Girl, The Burning Plain, and Open Window.

On television, Oscar’s mother made her first appearance in the movie Perry Mason: The Case of Reckless Romeo. In 1993, she had a recurring role as Debora in the sitcom Cutters. Robin also appeared in an episode of Law & Order, Robot Chicken, Love, Insatiable, Dear Edward, and Twilight Zone

From 2005-2006, Oscar Holly’s mother starred as Veronica Donovan in Prison Break. Robin portrayed Teresa Lisbon in the television show The Mentalist. Her other significant role is when she played Maya Travis in The Fix. Oscar’s mother has received some accolades for his performances, including a Volpi Cup Award, which she won in 1997.

Net Worth of Oscar’s Parents

Oscar’s mother has a net worth of 8 million dollars. She has created her fortune through her acting career for over three decades. Robin Tunney started acting in 1991 and is still active, appearing in several films and television shows. On the hand, Oscar’s father’s net worth is unknown, but he is an interior designer.

Nevertheless, given how wealthy Oscar’s mother is, he is probably living a good life, having fun at great places and getting anything he may need.

Social Media

There is an account on Instagram whose username is @oscarhollymarmet, and Robin likes posting pictures of her son, but she has rarely done so in over five years. However, Oscar’s parents are active on social media platforms and usually post pictures of him. For instance, his mother, who has over four hundred thousand followers, often posts pictures of her son.

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