Pearce Joseph Carlyle is a Scottish star kid, who is enjoying the stardom of his parents. The teenage boy is a darling of his parents and is often seen with them.

Today, let us tell you everything about this young star kid, from his personal life to professional career and education to net worth. Here, we will tell you everything.

Personal life

Born in April 2006, in Glasgow, Scotland, Pearce Joseph Carlyle is the son of famous Scottish actor Robert Carlyle and Anastasia Shirley. With the fact that the star kid is 16 years old as of today, he must have got romantic inclinations. He might be dating someone or involved in romantic relationships. However, it is all behind the curtains.

Parents and siblings

Pearce Joseph Carlyle is the son of star parents. His father Robert Carlyle is a well-known Scottish actor, while his mother Anastasia Shirley is a famous makeup artist. They both are big names in their respective professions. The marriage of his parents took place in 1997. Since then, the couple has been together living happily.

Pearce has two siblings named Ava Carlyle and Harvey Carlyle. He shares a really good bond with his siblings and loves to spend time with them. Among all three kids, Pearce Joseph Carlyle is the youngest.


Today, Pearce Joseph Carlyle is in his mid-teenage. Given the fact, he is not married, nor has any kids. He might be or might not be involved romantically with someone but that is not known to the public.

Education and profession

Even if we are digging quite deeper to find out information about the education of Pearce Joseph Carlyle, we are not finding anything. The reason being, his parents are really private when it comes to their kids. However, owing to the age of Pearce Joseph Carlyle,  we are sure of one thing that he is done with his schooling and he must have done it from some renowned school, as he belongs to a well-to-do family. If you talk about his profession, he is too young to start a career right now. He is at the age to focus completely on his studies.

Reason for the popularity

Of course, the reason for the popularity of Pearce Joseph Carlyle is his parents. His father Robert is a prominent personality in the Scottish entertainment industry. On the other hand, Anastasia is known to be a famous makeup artist. Given the fact, Pearce inherited stardom from his parents.

Net worth of Pearce Joseph Carlyle

Do you expect a 16-year-old boy to earn a good amount of money? No, right? Well, the same goes for Pearce Joseph Carlyle. As of now, he has no money and no net worth. Right now, he is devoting all his time to his studies. Needless to mention ,he is enjoying a luxurious lifestyle. All thanks to the richness of his parents, who make sure to provide him with everything that he needs to lead an extravagant life.


Today, Pearce Joseph Carlyle is just a 16-year-old-boy, who is on the way to the journey of shaping his career. One day, he might become a successful star like his father, as he is working hard in his life.

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