Quinn Tallulah Lewis is a title that comes up quite often. However, not everyone knows why she is a topic of discussion now and then. First, Tabitha Soren and Michael Lewis are the parents of this gorgeous lady. Her parents are probably the reason why you heard about the celebrity kid.

While we may not know her celebrity status fully, you may identify her renowned father through one of his most popular non-fictional writings, including Moneyball. His wife, Tabitha, is a well-known art photographer who formally reported for MTV, ABC, and NBC News.

Personal Info

The date when Quinn Tallulah Lewis was born is unknown, but the year was 2000. Being born in that year makes her the perfect millennial. Her brilliance and intelligence match those of her parents. She is the first-born daughter of the iconic author and photographer.

She had a younger sister who died in a tragic road accident. The name of her deceased sister was Dixie Lewis, who died at 19 years old alongside another student. The 19-year-old died too young, and she will be missed by family and friends forever. Quinn also has a brother known as Walker Lewis. Her little brother is 14 years old. The family still mourns the tragic death of their loved one.

Early Life

Apart from the fact that Quinn Tallulah Lewis is twenty-two years old, most information about her personal life remains unrevealed. Her parents tied the wedding knot in 1997. Two years later, God blesses them with their first-born daughter.

Quinn Tallulah Lewis appeared in the documentary Kids (And Not Kids Anymore). In the documentary, Quinn made candid and forthright remarks that made the masses fall in love with her personality.


No information about Quinn Tallulah Lewis’s education has ever been revealed. However, we know that she was enthusiastic about sports when she was in high school. She was also the team captain of her high school team.

Quinn revealed that she wished that she had been successfully admitted to Harvard. Regardless, her parents are still proud of her. In an interview, Quinn reported that when she gets married, her dream husband is someone who will hold her hands in all kinds of situations. She hopes to find a level-headed partner who will support and love her throughout whatever career path she decides to take. Her take on this indicates an incredible level of maturity.


Quinn Tallulah Lewis has a lot of friends with whom she spends time. Most of her time is dedicated to family and loved ones. However, there is no information about her romantic relationships or boyfriends.

Net Worth

Quinn Tallulah Lewis is an incredibly talented young lady. She still lives with her parents, and her celebrity status remains pending. She is also not on social media. So, there is very little about her personal and career life. In the meantime, she is the daughter of a remarkably successful couple. With a father who is a prominent author and a financial journalist and photographer as a mother, she ought to be living the best life. Her parent’s net worth amounts to approximately one hundred million dollars.

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