Robert Ford Wilson, affectionately known as Ford, holds a significant place in the life of renowned actor Owen Wilson. As Owen’s eldest child, Ford has been a constant source of joy and pride for the actor. In this biography, we unravel the life of Robert Ford Wilson, exploring his early years, family connections, and his own unique personality.

Born in Hawaii

On January 14, 2011, the picturesque Hawaiian island of Maui witnessed the arrival of Robert Ford Wilson. Weighing 6 lbs and 13 oz, Ford was born in the serene ambience of Owen Wilson’s $8 million oceanfront home. The labor lasted for about 18 hours, and he was brought into the world with the assistance of a midwife. Today, Ford stands at the age of 12, and his presence has been a heartwarming addition to Owen’s life.

A Glimpse of Ford’s Childhood

In the early years of Ford’s life, Owen Wilson and his former girlfriend, Jade Duell, made a conscious effort to keep their son away from the public eye. However, Owen couldn’t resist mentioning his adorable son during an interview with Jay Leno on his late-night show. At that time, Ford was an infant and hadn’t yet learned to speak, but his charm and cuteness made him a delightful conversationalist in his own way.

Owen Wilson is known to be a doting father, and his relationship with Ford and his other children reflects the love and care he devotes to his family. Despite growing up in a relaxed household himself, Owen adopts a more disciplined approach to parenting, ensuring that his children grow up with a strong sense of values.

Jade Duell: Ford’s Mother

Jade Duell, Ford’s mother, has worn multiple hats throughout her life. From being a police officer to serving as a federal air marshal and working in the Department of Homeland Security, Jade has had diverse professional experiences. She crossed paths with Owen Wilson while he was filming “How Do You Know?” on a flight from Los Angeles to DC in 2009. However, their relationship was short-lived, and they parted ways in 2011, shortly after Ford’s birth. Jade moved to New York with Ford, seeking closer proximity to her family.

Siblings and Family Connections

Ford has the privilege of having two half-siblings: Finn and Lyla. Finn is Owen Wilson’s son from a previous relationship with his personal trainer, Caroline Lindqvist. The brothers share a close bond, and Finn often emulates his elder brother’s actions. Lyla, on the other hand, is Ford’s half-sister, born from Owen’s relationship with Varunie Vongsvirates. Unfortunately, Ford and Finn haven’t had the opportunity to meet their half-sister, and Owen himself hasn’t had the chance to meet Lyla, who is now four years old.

Ford’s Adventurous Spirit

As he grows older, Ford is developing a love for stunts and parkour. Owen Wilson shared in an interview that Ford has taken an interest in performing daredevil moves and has even become a big fan of Jackie Chan. The actor fondly recalled how Ford showcased some of his stunt moves in the park, displaying his fearlessness and enthusiasm for adventure. While it may have led to a few stitches, it’s clear that Ford’s adventurous spirit brings joy and excitement to his family.


Robert Ford Wilson, Owen Wilson’s eldest son, has carved a special place in the hearts of his family. Despite the challenges of fame and public scrutiny, Ford’s parents have strived to offer him a loving and nurturing childhood away from the limelight. As he continues to grow and explore the world, Ford’s adventurous nature and charming personality are sure to brighten the lives of those around him.

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