Children sometimes attract media attention because of their celebrity parents; one such kid is Roxie J’amie Pipino. She is the daughter of Ric Pipino, a famous Australian hairstylist and ex-husband of German-American model Heidi Klum. Her mother is Jenne Lombardo, a businesswoman and former executive director of M.A.C Cosmetics.

Roxie J’amie Pipino is not the only child of the famous stylist; she has two younger siblings, namely Valentino Pipino and Bowie Vincent Pipino. Roxie’s father hairdressers celebrities worldwide, including Lady Gaga, Diane Lane, Jamie Pressley, Nicole Miller and Christie Brinkley.

Roxie’s Educational Status

Roxie J’amie Pipino studied in a good grade school before joining high school. However, her parents have not mentioned the school she attends. Nevertheless, given her parents’ financial status, Roxie must attend one of her neighbourhood’s best schools.

Age and Birthday

Roxie J’amie Pipino was born in November 2005; as of 2023, she is 17 years old. However, her date of birth is unknown, so it is unclear which date she celebrates her birthday in November.

Does Roxie Have a Boyfriend?

Roxie is growing into a very beautiful young woman, attracting the attention of young men about her age. She took her beautiful looks after her parents, and she must be giving boys a hard time. She has not confirmed if she is dating someone, but some boy is probably after her.

Her Father’s Personal Life

Roxie’s father met Heidi Klum in the 1990s; the two liked each other and felt like they wanted to be in a relationship. The couple dated for some time before tying the knot in a beautiful ceremony in 1997. The marriage was expected to be happy and lasting, but things turned out differently. After spending five years together, they decided to end things.

After divorcing Heidi, Roxie Pipino’s father stayed single for a while before he met Jenne Lombardo. They dated for months, and Ric announced they were expecting a child. Despite not marrying each other, Ric Pipino and Jenne sired three children.

Reasons for Roxie’s Parents’ Separation

Things were good between Roxie’s parents until 2011, when they decided to end their relationship. The couple did not reveal the reasons for their separation, but there was a rumour that Roxie’s mother is bisexual and was cheating on Ric with a woman named Jenny Shimizu. Jenne Lombardo never cleared the rumour, so it remains the possible cause of their separation.

Ric and Jenne now share custody of their three children as they co-parent. After separating from Jenne, Ric’s father has not been in any official relationship, and it is worth assuming that he is single.

Social Media

Roxie J’amie Pipino is at the age where she understands things and probably wants to experience them firsthand. One such thing is the social media experience; however, no official accounts belonging to Roxie have been found on Facebook or Instagram, but her father is active on social media handles. Ric uses his Instagram personal page to market his work.

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