Ruth Holdorff was born on January 10, 1949, in Texas, United States, to her parents, whose information is unavailable. Most people know her as the wife of American sports executive and former baseball pitcher Nolan Ryan. With Nolan, she has three kids Reese, Wendy, and Reid.

Education and Other Interests

Ruth Holdorff studied at Alvin High School, where she played tennis. She was her high school’s state tennis champion as a tennis player. She got married after high school, so it is unclear if she continued with her studies at the college level.

Ruth did not stop participating in the sport after high school; when she married, she would accompany her husband to training and serve as his catcher while he was pitching. During summer, she used to coach little league teams.

How Ruth Holdorff Met Her Husband

Ruth and Nolan Ryan were both students at Alvin High School when they met for the first time; Ruth was just 13 years old while Nolan was 15. Ruth narrates that Nolan asked if he would accompany him to watch a movie, of course, with her mother’s permission. They liked each other and started dating; they were a great couple in school, given their physical attributes.

They remained a couple throughout high school and after which they decided to wed. They married in 1967 at an event that family and close friends attended. After their wedding, the couple left Texas for New York City. Ruth and her husband have been together for over five decades now.

Her Husband

Despite being an excellent individual in athletic activities, Ruth’s husband was less of the same in class; he was a C student. His poor performance in class was attributed to dyslexia, a condition diagnosed later in his life.

Regarding his baseball passion, he loved throwing at targets, and his father encouraged him to become a baseball player. He played the game throughout his high school life. After high school, he was drafted by New York Mets, who he played, for five years. In 1971, Ruth’s husband was traded with two other players for California Angels’ Jim Fregosi.

He left a mark in every team he played for, and all of them retired his jersey number. After California Angels, he moved to Houston Astros, where he played for nine seasons. Ruth’s husband joined Texas Rangers, which he played for till his retirement.

After he retired from baseball, Nolan Ryan invested in sports teams and companies. He also served as the president and Chief Executive Officer of Texas Rangers, then moved to Houston Astros, where he served in different capacities. Ruth’s husband is a legend of the game, having played for the four top baseball teams. He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1999.

Where is Ruth Holdorff Now?

Ruth Holdorff cannot participate in high-intensity activities now because of her age. She currently resides at Cimarron Hills in Georgetown, Texas, with her husband as she spends time with her grandchildren.

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