Ruth Judith Klee was the mother of Israel nurse Hannah Elisabeth Goslar, better known for her friendship with Anne Frank. She was born on October 23, 1901, to Therese and Alfred Klee in Bonn, Germany. Ruth Judith Klee grew up in a religious family and followed her family’s beliefs.

Personal Life and Death

Ruth Judith Klee married Hans Goslar in 1926 when she was 25. Hans was chief of public relations and deputy minister in the ministry of domestic affairs in Germany until he resigned in 1933. Ruth decided to quit her work as a teacher and tend to her family; with her husband, they had their first child, Hannah Elisabeth Goslar, on November 12, 1928.

In 1940, Ruth Judith Klee had her second-born child Rachel Gabriele. Two years later, Ruth died while giving birth to another child who did not survive. She was 41 at the time of her death and was survived by her husband and two daughters.

Her Parents

Ruth Judith Klee’s parents were members of the Zionist movement in Germany; her father was among the movement’s early pioneers. He had a close relationship with Theodor Herzl. In 1919, Ruth’s father co-founded the Judishe Volkspartel; besides, he also served as the vice president of the Berlin Jewish Community.

Ruth’s father was also a representative of the Jewish Colonization Association. Besides his active involvement in religion, Alfred Klee was also a lawyer who dealt with criminal law. Ruth Judith Klee’s father died of a heart attack in 1943 at the Westerbork transit camp.

Ruth Judith Klee’s Daughter

Ruth’s daughter met diarist Anne Frank when they were young; the two friends became close after realizing they both spoke German, given they were in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Hannah and Anne spent much time together and knew everything about each other despite attending different schools.

Anne Frank often called Ruth Judith Klee’s daughter Hanneli. Their close relationship was cut short when Hannah and her family were arrested in 1943, but Anne still thought of her friend and even kept a diary where she documented that she felt that her friend was tortured in captivity.

Years later, after the end of World War II, Ruth’s daughter continued her studies and later trained as a nurse; she worked at the Bikkur Holim Hospital in Jerusalem. Ruth’s daughter married Walter Pinchas Pick, a doctor, and they had three beautiful children. Hannah has been featured in documentaries primarily because of her close friendship with Anne Frank.

The Arrest of Ruth Judith Klee’s Family

More than six months after Ruth Judith Klee’s death, her family was arrested; this included her two daughters, husband, and parents. They were taken to Westerbork transit camp but were later transferred to another center. While in the camp, she reunited with her friend Anne Frank, but they had just three encounters.

While in the camps, Ruth’s parents and husband died, leaving just two underage girls. They even became sick and were hospitalized for some time, but their later life was good.

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