Bollards are security post-like structures that are used to control and manage traffic and provide safety and security for the premises of buildings, homes, offices, etc. Security bollards work as both a visual as well as a physical barrier.

Whenever we go outside, we witness the security posts and bollards along roadsides, outside buildings, parking lots, outside public places, etc. bollards are placed not only for the safety of vehicles but also for the prevention of accidents. For example, pedestrians often create disturbance in the flow of traffic. Therefore, the presence of bollards makes sure that the pedestrians do not disturb the flow of traffic. Also, they are installed alongside roads to prevent accidents, etc.

Importance of Security Posts and Bollards

If we talk in terms of definition, then a bollard is a post-like structure therefore, it is also sometimes called a security post. The main objective or purpose of bollards is to create hindrances and restrict traffic. They are used to guide and manage traffic as well. They are placed to control the flow of traffic and manage the traffic lanes as well. They are also placed outside storefronts and buildings to protect them from any outside force. They are also used to lower the impact of the collision. They are also placed outside parking lots for the safety of the general public.

Types of Security Posts/ Bollards

Bollards come in many different shapes, sizes, materials, types, etc. They are used at different places for different purposes. That is why they are made from different materials. Also, different customers have varied demands and requirements therefore, bollards are available in specialized and customized designs and styles, etc.

Different types of bollards are described below.

  • Removable Bollards

Removable bollards are also known as temporary bollards. They are used at places where there is a need to restrict vehicles on a customized basis. They provide flexible access to the owner when they want to provide access to the vehicles and when they want to restrict access.

These bollards are mostly installed at places where there is a need to provide customized access to the vehicles. For example, on your private property, you sometimes want people to let them enter inside. At other times, you may want to restrict unauthorized vehicles from entering your premises or prevent unauthorized parking.

  • Embedded Bollards

Embedded bollards are also known as fixed bollards. They are used at places where you want to restrict the entry of vehicles on a permanent basis, for example, roadsides, parking lots, etc. These bollards are also made of heavy material because they are used to restrict the vehicles and reduce the impact of collision in case of an accident. They are mostly made of steel and filled inside with concrete to make them strong enough.

  • Retractable Bollards

Retractable bollards are the ones that are used to provide flexible access. They have a hydraulic pressure system according to which they can be pulled out of the ground when needed and retracted back into the ground when not needed. They are mostly operated with the help of a remote control or by a manually operated lever.

The most evolved form of retractable bollards is the one that has sensors. When they sense motion, they came out of the ground and access permission to enter through a remote control.

  • Construction Bollards

The bollards used around places where some kind of construction is going on are called construction bollards. For example, road construction or building construction is a place that is risky for people or vehicles as well. Therefore, construction bollards are placed to warn every type of traffic from coming there.

These bollards are made of plastic material with shiny, reflective tape on them to make them more visible. They are installed close to each other with little distance to provide a more effective visual barrier.

Benefits of Security Posts & Bollards

  1.     Safety Benefits

Security posts and bollards have many safety benefits. They make sure the safety of vehicles and pedestrians by providing hindrances and visual barriers so that people and vehicles become more careful while they are on the road.

Most of the time, it happens that foot traffic disturbs the flow of vehicular traffic by crossing roads in the wrong way. However, with the presence of bollards, this is not possible. Also, the vehicles cannot pose much harm to the foot traffic with the presence of bollards because security posts restrict the movement of vehicular traffic.

  1.     Security Benefits

Security posts and bollards are also a source of providing security for buildings, offices, and premises of private property, etc. stores that have glass fronts have more security risks. Similarly, some government offices and buildings also have security risks. That is why bollards are placed outside to prevent terrorist attacks and provide security.

They are also placed in the driveway to provide security from unauthorized vehicle entrances and unauthorized parking, etc.

  1.     Environment Friendly

Another benefit of PVC and recyclable plastic bollards is that they are safe for the environment. They can be recycled easily, which is why they pose harm to the environment. They also do not need to be fixed in the ground. This means there is no digging required and the soil is. This helps to prevent deforestation.

  1.     Cost-Effective Option

Security posts and bollards are a less expensive and cost-effective option as compared to other security options like gates, etc. their installation and maintenance are easy as well which results in no extra cost. That is why it is considered to be a less expensive option as compared to other alternatives available in the market.

Summing Up

Security posts, and parking bollards are worth considering when it comes to safety and security concerns. It helps in traffic management and control, as well as bollards are worth installing products in areas or outside buildings with high-security risks. Their versatility makes them famous among other security alternatives.

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