He was born in 1955 and passed away in 1996. He was born to his parents Carl Brashear who was a member of the United States Navy and Junetta Wilcoxson.

Net Worth

There is no information available on his net worth although it does seem that his family especially his father when he was still alive had a substantial amount of money.


Carl Brashear was a sailor in the United States Navy and became known as a hero. He was born on the 19th of January in the year 1931 and sadly he passed away in 2006 on July 25th. He was born to sharecroppers in Kentucky in the town of Tonieville. He was born into a relatively large family with a total of 15 siblings, they were 16 children in total. His parents were McDonald and Gonzella Brashear. They moved to a farm in Sorona in 1935, this is where the family settled. Carl was the sixth child to be born of sixteen children. Carl attended grade school here from 1937 to 1946.

On February the 25th be exact of 1948 he enlisted in the United States Navy only a couple of months before the desegregation of the military would take place thanks to President Harry S. Truman. In 1954 Carl Brashear graduated from the Navy’s Diving and Salvage school. This made him the first African-American to graduate from the school. It also made him one of the first divers for the navy who were African-American.

In 1966 he lost his left leg by amputation because of a nuclear bomb that went missing. During the search for the bomb, a horrible accident occurred which caused him to lose his leg. In 1970 he still became a master diver in the Navy even with only one working leg. Men of Honor is a film that was based on his life.

He retired from active duty in April of 1979 as a master diver and master chief petty officer, after which he worked as a civilian in Norfolk Virginia for the government.

He was married to three different women in his lifetime and got divorced from all of them as well, his first wife was the mother of his son Shazanta Brashear. He had another three sons as well, DaWayne, Phillip, and Patrick.

He had a net worth of 13 million before he passed away in 2006.


Junetta Wilcoxson was born on the 10th of June 1933 and tragically passed away on the 27th of May in the year 2015. Her parents were Walton and Cora Wilcoxson, she was their only child. She was born in Magnolia in Kentucky in LaRue County.

In 1978 after 26 years of marriage to Carl Brashear and four children the couple split up and got divorced. They had gotten married in 1952 while Carl was still studying at the United States Navy Diving and Salvage School.

When she passed away she had 12 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren, there may be more by now.

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