If The Karate Kid III or The Bold and the Beautiful are your favorite shows, Sean Kanan is a familiar face to you. The talented actor has a gorgeous daughter named Simone Andrea Kanan. Simone is popularly known as Kanan’s daughter.

Personal Life

Full Name Simone Andrea Kanan
Known For Sean Kanan’s Daughter
Age 21 years old (in 2022)
Year of Birth 2001
Nationality American
Profession Not Known
Father Sean Kanan
Mother Gladys Jimenez

Simon Andrea Kanan, famously known as Sean Kanan’s daughter, is a 21 years old stunning girl born in 2001. Her parents, Gladys Jimenez and Sean Kanan, hooked up in 2001 but divorced in 2002. But during the highs of love, the two got a daughter who lives with her mother. Despite the divorce, Sean Kanan has been supportive and present in her daughter’s life.

Not every celebrity child grows up knowing they are the offspring of famous parents. But that is not the case with Simon Andrea. She was born when her parents were at the peak of their acting careers.

Since then, Simone has been in the limelight. Fame is connected with style, recognition, and glamour. It comes with perks like traveling, spending in luxurious hotels, and access to prestigious schools, which Simone has.


Currently, there is little information about Simone’s educational background. But due to her parent’s fame, she could have attended prestigious learning institutions.


Simone Andrea is 21 years old (2022), a prime age to be in a relationship. However, there is no information about her relationship status.

Simone Andrea’s Parents

Simone Andrea Kanan is the daughter of actor Sean Kanan and actress Jimenez. The two got married in 2001 and got Simone the same year.

Sean Kanan is a talented American author, actor, and producer born November 2, 1966. Sean is best known for premiering in The Young and the Restless, Sons of Italy, and The Latest Fortress. Sean has an excellent foundation in Japanese karate, which he started while a teenager.

In addition to acting, he is also a great writer. He has written a recipe book where he shares his favorite recipes while offering advice to men. His career has been an inspiration, with numerous awards.

Sean spends his free time writing scripts, studying martial arts, and cooking. He is also an anti-bullying advocate with several charities.

Gladys Jimenez is Simone Andrea’s mother. She is an actress that claims fame in Tremors. She was born on May 21, 1979, in Puerto Rico. The multiracial actress has appeared in various TV series and movies like The Bold and the Beautiful, Nurse, and Blowback.

Although she’s a TV star, Jimenez has kept her profile low. She lives with her daughter Simone Andrea Kanan. But besides that, there is no more information about Jimenez’s family history, educational background, and relationship.

Wrapping Up

Simone Andrea Kanan was born to bona fide parents and has been in the limelight ever since. She is often seen with her father, Sean, attending events. Simone also enjoys great parenting, with her father being much present in her life.

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