If you enjoy reading, you might have come across books written by Dave Pelzer. Some of his excellent books include “A Child Called It.” Stephen Joseph Pelzer is the father of the renowned non-fiction writer, and his character has been brought out in the various books written by his son. Keep reading the post if you are curious to know who Stephen Joseph Pelzer is and details about his son.

Stephen Joseph Pelzer’s Life

Stephen Joseph Pelzer is the late father of Dave Pelzer. He was born on August 1923 in San Francisco. However, his life was short-lived as he died in April 1980 in San Francisco.

Stephen Joseph Pelzer was the son of Mary A and Joseph Pelzer. He had married Roerva Catherine Christensen, and they were blessed with five children, including Dave Pelzer. According to how Dave Pelzer talked about his father in his various books, we are justified to say that Stephen Joseph Pelzer was a weak and drunk father. He could not stand up to his wife, who occasionally abused her children, especially Dave Pelzer.

Although Dave Pelzer talks about how he thought his father was his protector, his father couldn’t put up with his wife’s anger. Eventually, he packed up his things and left the family to survive. Stephen Joseph prioritized his happiness over that of his family and left his children to suffer at the hands of their mother.

Dave Pelzer’s Early Life

Dave Pelzer is the son of Stephen Joseph Pelzer. He is a renowned American non-fiction writer and has written some best-selling books. One particular book that caught the attention of many readers was the “A Chile Called It.”¬†The book focuses on his early childhood and the abuse he suffered from his drunk and angry mother.

Dave Pelzer was born on December 29th, 1960, in San Francisco. He was the second child, and he had four other siblings. He was brought up in Daly City. According to his books, Dave talks about how he suffered abuse from his alcoholic and mentally deranged mother. His father, who loved him, could not protect him as his mother was angry, and his father, a weak man, could stand up to her.

At the age of 12, he was taken to foster care. Social services even highlighted his case as one of the most severely abused they had handled in California. Dave was relocated to various foster homes before enrolling in the U.S Air Force when he was 18.

He later married and got a son, but his marriage fell apart. While serving in the Air Force, Dave Pelzer served in the Gulf War as a fighter pilot. In 1990, he bagged the JC Penney Golden Rule Award.

Joining the Air Force transformed his life and molded him into a person of character. He first wrote his book, “A Child Called It,” in 1995. Even since then, Dave has published various books and has been recognized as among the best non-fiction American writers.



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