If you actively use Instagram and YouTube, you must have heard the name of Suede Brooks.  She is a famous internet celebrity known for her Tumblr blog as well as the YouTube channel that deals with fashion and beauty tips.

Let’s dig deeper and find out more information about her such as her personal life, early education, professional career, net worth, and all other details

Personal life

Born on February 8 2001 in Las Vegas Nevada, Brooks is an American celebrity.  Her parents’ name is unknown. She has spent most of her childhood in Las Vegas.

Speaking of a love life, the young lady is 22 years old. She must be involved in romantic relationships. However, she prefers to keep quiet regarding her personal life. Recently her name was linked with famous American singer Drake. However, the couple hasn’t confirmed the relationship yet.

Parents and siblings

You already know, there is not much information available regarding the parents of Suede Brooks.  As for their profession, her parents said to own a salon in Vegas named Diva Studio Salon.

Coming to her siblings Suede Brooks has 2 siblings, one brother and one sister. The name of her brother is Blaze and the sister’s name is India. Her brother is a successful graphic designer while her sister is a successful blogger.


The 22-year-old girl has no kids. As of now, she is not married yet as well.

Education and profession

Unlike many of us, Brooks has an unusual educational background. During her school days, her classmates bullied her for her personality, so she didn’t attend school. Instead, she took online classes from home.  This is when she got a kick for the YouTube channel. During that time, she surfed countless fashion channels and got a really good sense of fashion.

After some time, she herself created her own YouTube fashion channel named MSFTxGYPSY, and within a matter of months, her channel became popular and made her an internet sensation.

Reason for popularity

So far, you must have known what the reason for Suede’s popularity is. Of course, the main reason for her popularity is her YouTube channel where she talks about fashion tips and makeup tutorials.

Besides YouTube, she is also popular for her Tik Tok videos where she has more than 1.4 million fans.

Net worth of Suede Brooks

Today, Brooks is just 22 years old and she has become a successful internet influencer, YouTube, and Tik Toker.  With this fact, you can estimate her net worth. Okay, let us put it in simple words, as of today, Suede Brooks has a vast net worth of 2-3 million. Her source of income is obviously her YouTube channel and Tik Tok videos.  Considering her success, we can say her net worth is going to only rise in the near future.


Today, Brooks is just 22 years old and she has already become a world star. No doubt, she is going to rule the glamour world in the future.

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