Sunny Cinco Fine is the daughter of American singer, actress, model, and songwriter Cassie Ventura. She was born on March 22, 2021, to Cassie and her husband, Alex Fine, a personal trainer. Sunny Cinco Fine has an older sister, Frankie, who was born in December 2019. She is too young to start going to school and often spends time with her parents.

Sunny’s father wrote a letter addressed to Sunny and her older sister; he expressed his love for his children, saying how much it meant for him to be their father. You can tell how much Sunny’s parents love her from their posts on their social media handles, especially on Instagram.

Sunny’s Parents’ Love Life

Sunny Cinco Fine’s parents met when Alex Fine was working as a personal trainer for Sean Combs. Cassie was dating Sean Combs, and sometimes she would train with Alex Fine; during their sessions, they liked each other, and as soon as Sunny’s mother broke up, she started dating Alex Fine.

Cassie and Alex Fine started dating in 2018; they engaged before getting married in August 2019. Sunny’s parents celebrated their third anniversary in August 2022; the couple is happy together.

Her Mother

Sunny Cinco Fine’s mother started modeling when she was 14, and at 16, she had already begun modeling for Seventeen and other department stores. After high school, she relocated to New York City and continued modeling. As a professional model, she worked with Wilhelmina Models.

While modeling, Sunny’s mother attended acting classes at Broadway Dance Center in New York City.

The Music Career of Sunny’s Mother

After meeting with singer Ryan Leslie, Cassie Ventura began her music career in 2004. The two worked together on her first song, Me & U, which was a success. Most of Sunny’s mother’s debut album, Cassie, was produced by Ryan Leslie; it was released in 2006 and sold over three hundred thousand copies.

In late 2006, Sunny’s mother met Sean Combs, who was ready to support her and ensure she grew and developed as a singer. She stopped working with Ryan Leslie, given she was exposed to other singers, including Kanye West. Over the years, Cassie has achieved great success in her music.

Besides music, Sunny Cinco Fine’s mother has acted in some films, including The Perfect Match, Honey 3: Dare to Dance and Spenser Confidential.

Net Worth of Sunny Cinco Fine’s Parents

Sunny’s mother has a net worth of approximately 8 million dollars; she has made her fortune through acting, modeling, and singing. On the other hand, Sunny’s father has also created wealth since he has worked as a personal trainer for many celebrities, including singer Sean Combs.

Social Media

Sunny Cinco Fine is too young and does not understand social media; however, her parents are active on social media platforms and like sharing pictures of their daughters, including those of her. On Instagram, Sunny’s mother has over 9 million followers and occasionally posts photos of her daughter.

Sunny’s father is on Instagram and likes sharing pictures of kids saying how much he loves them.


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