Susannah Ebsen was the daughter of American actor Buddy Ebsen. She was born in 1947 and had six siblings, including Kiki Ebsen, an American singer, and songwriter. Susannah and her family liked moving around when she was young, but they later settled on a ranch in Santa Monica. On the farm, her father reared horses, and they could ride together with her father.

Susannah’s younger sister formed a family troupe; almost every family member was involved, and Susannah Ebsen was the company’s manager. Unlike the rest of the family, she disliked being in the spotlight, so she took a behind-the-camera role in the troupe.

Personal Life and Education

Susannah Ebsen was secretive regarding her personal life, and it is unclear who she was married to and if she had any children. She studied at a local high school in her neighborhood, but it is unclear if she attended college.

Susannah Ebsen died in 2019; the cause of her death was not mentioned, but she probably suffered from a long-term disease.

Her Father

Susannah’s father dropped out of college because of financial constraints and moved to New York to pursue a career as a dancer. With his sister Vilma, Susannah’s father formed a duo called The Baby Astaires, and they performed in several clubs in New York City. Buddy then moved to Broadway, appearing in plays, including Flying Colors and Whoopee.

Susannah’s father’s career started taking shape in the mid-1930s. He appeared in several films, including Captain January, Born to Dance, and The Girl of the Golden West. Despite getting acting roles, Buddy did not stop dancing, and due to his dancing skills, he often performed even in films.

In 1939, Buddy Ebsen landed a role in The Wizard of Oz, appearing as the scarecrow. However, he swapped the part with Ray Bolger, and Buddy became the Tin Man. Susannah’s father prepared well for his role as the Tin Man but became ill; his body was aching, and he experienced shortness of breath. Buddy was hospitalized for a long time and had to give up his role as the Tin Man.

During the second world war, Susannah’s father joined The United States Coast Guard as a lieutenant and was released in 1946. Buddy then returned to acting, making his television debut in 1949 in The Chevrolet Tele-Theatre series. He then featured in more tv shows, including Playhouse, Bonanza, Davy Crockett, Tales of Wells Fargo, and Bus Stop.

In 1962, Susannah’s father started portraying Jed Clampett in the sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies, a role he played for nine years. He also starred in Barnaby Jones before retiring in the 1990s. Susannah’s father has a star in St Louis Walk of Fame and another on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Death of Susannah Ebsen’s Father

Susannah Ebsen’s father was hospitalized at the Torrance Memorial Medical Center before his death. After days of treatment and medical management, Buddy died on July 6, 2003, aged 95, due to respiratory failure. His body was interred at Pacific Crest Cemetery

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