Tod Weston is better known as the son of the best disc jockey, Robert Weston Smith, popularly known as Wolfman Jack. His father was famous in different ways, which paved the way for Tod Weston Smith to become popular. He even founded Wolfman Jack Entertainment to honor his father. This post will detail more about who Tod Weston Smith is and his family.

Early Life of Tod Weston Smith

As noted earlier, Tod Weston Smith is known for his father’s popularity. Tod was born in the United States and is the son of Lou Smith and Wolfman Jack. His grandparents are Anson Weston Smith and Rosamond Small.

Tod Weston also has a sibling called Joy Rene Smith. Information about Tod Weston Smith is not shared online, but we have detailed information about who his father was and what made him so popular.

Who is Tod Weston Smith’s Father

Most kids take after their parents, including their popularity. For Tod Weston, he is only famous thanks to the efforts of his father. His father is Robert Weston Smith, who was born in January 1938. Although his father died at the young age of 57 years, Tod’s father has accomplished a lot in his career.

Wolfman Smith has two children and was married to his lovely wife, Lucy “Lou” Lamb. Wolfman has worked in different occupations. The popular ones include being a disk jockey, musician, radio personality, and television presenter. All these occupations added to his popularity among people.

Wolfman said his career saw the light after his parents divorced at a young age. His father opted to buy him a radio, which is how he slowly grew his passion as a presenter and disk jockey. Wolfman graduated from NAB in 1960 and shortly after started growing his interest, and that’s how he later became dedicated to pursuing his passion as a career.

Wolfman gradually started getting in the limelight after he started making appearances, especially as a master of ceremony. He began his recording career in 1965 after he began to work for KUXL Radio.

Wolfman talked about how he was fascinated by radio stations and couldn’t keep calm about how radio stations operated outside the US government. For Wolfman, it was until December 1963 that he settled on which character to represent him and the music he played. At some point, he spent money and combined it with his charm to buy a station for his work.

Wolfman has been known for many years, and he had an issue with quitting cigarette smoking which he believed could negatively affect his voice, which is perfect for his music. Wolfman was earning income from his different gigs, and from that, we can tell that Tod Western Smith enjoyed the warmth of his parent’s wealth. Their net worth, at some point, made it convenient for the couple to give their two children a good life. That is all regarding Ted Western Smith.

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