Retail businesses of used iPhones are gaining more popularity day by day. No doubt, this business can get you a huge number of sales and maximize your profit. Buying iPhones in bulk requires a huge investment. But to ensure that this investment goes a productive one, you must choose a reputable wholesale supplier. A renowned supplier will build a strong foundation for your retail business. Without it, your business will fail to flourish and expand. 

Where can you find wholesalers? Wholesalers display their products in a variety of trade shows, industrial publications, wholesale directories, and much more platforms. Such suppliers allow both online and offline orders. But this process requires a lot of research and inquiries. Conclusively, a few wholesale suppliers fulfil the requirements and meet the expectations of their clients. So, put an end to your worries and research! Here, we are going to tell you about the top 5 companies from where you can order bulk amounts of iPhones. 

2nd Life Phones

2nd life phones is one of the top wholesale suppliers to buy iPhones in bulk. With their great quality refurbished iPhones, customers are always satisfied with their products. No poor quality phone is sold at this store. Their experts pass the iPhone through a series of steps to ensure they meet quality standards. With a total of 5 grades, the store allocates a grade to each phone to describe its condition, quality and working. 

2nd life phones provide a huge, consistent inventory so you get what you want. Their inventory is in accordance with the current market trends and customers’ preferences. The store provides you with a number of phones to choose from. Also, they regularly add new products, which helps ensure that they never run out of stock. No other platform gives you as many benefits as this store does. Bulk purchases from 2nd life phones guarantee you a good amount of discount and thus, become affordable for you. Also, avail of their refund policy if the products are not up to the mark. 2nd life phones strive hard to ensure that your business flourishes and succeeds and therefore, provides the best products and services.

CellCo Plus

Purchase bulk amounts of high-quality iPhones from Cellco Plus in Canada. Along with iPhones, it also keeps a variety of iPhone accessories. With market-competitive prices, Cellco Plus contains and offers more than 100,000 products to its clients. All their phones comply with high standards of quality and functioning. This store started with the aim to offer a refurbished phone to every iPhone lover. Therefore, it provides prime quality iPhones at affordable prices and makes its customers content as always. CellCo Plus provides customers with what they want, gains their trust, and retains them throughout their life. With affordable prices and the best-quality phones, CellCo Plus can be your next wholesale supplier to work with.

The iOutlet

Another renowned supplier on our list is The iOutlet. Specializing in providing refurbished iPhones, the supplier ensures to provide only high-quality phones at low prices. The store is highly affordable and contains a large selection of products. Their clients are widespread throughout the world. Currently, they have sold thousands of products to over 40 different nations. Any product that is not in working order is not sold. Get a good amount of discount by making a purchase from The outlet. In case of any queries, their customer service team is highly efficient to resolve all your issues.

HK Refurbished Stock

HK Refurbished Stock sells premium quality, authentic iPhones at wholesale prices. For the continuous expansion of your business, this supplier is a perfect choice. Since it is aware of the customer’s demands and likings, it updates its inventory accordingly. This ensures that your inventory is compliant with market needs. Also, their prices are considerably low for retailers to afford which assures you that you can generate a good amount of profit in turn. This store provides 100% factory-unlocked phones, making it a convenient purchase for you. Avail of their services in the US, Europe, and the Middle East.

Global Geeks

With a worldwide distribution, Global Geeks is the last but not the least wholesale supplier on our list. It is known to supply refurbished iPhones to retail business owners as well as large enterprises that require iPhones for their employees. It owns a constant supply of products and sells them at low prices and thus, remains affordable for all. At Global Geeks, you are provided with the best quality products that help expand your business.


On a bigger picture, 2nd life phones remain the best place to purchase iPhones in bulk for your retail business. Purchase exceptional quality, fully functional phones from 2nd life phones and get amazed by their service. Visit their website and place an instant quote today!

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