When traders plan to participate in a trade show always have a motive to accomplish through it. This motive could include launching a new product, making a brand popular or generating targeted leads.

The process of generating leads does not only start at the trade show but is a continuous effort that has to be made before and after the trade show. Generating leads could possibly be a challenging task too, as there are many other exhibitors available at a trade show. In this article, you could find some tips for collecting leads at a trade show.

Start before the exhibition:

Marketing and branding could be helpful in generating leads for your trade show booth. In this process, you could take online and offline surveys, advertise your participation through hoardings, banners and pamphlets and understand the market trends to prepare your product display and specifications in a way that would help you attract more audiences.

Planning and preparing your display also play an important part here. You could possibly consult a trade show booth builder to incorporate all the essential services into your trade show exhibit. It might be important to check all the facilities and equipment in the trade show booth before the trade show starts so that it could function excellently during the show.

Another step is to train and teach your staff about your products completely. The appearance and knowledge of your staff would matter a lot when they interact with visitors at the trade show. You may send your company’s best sales team too to represent your trade show booth and products.

Tips to follow during the trade show:

Get a unique trade show booth

In a competitive trade fair, it might be important for you to stand out from other traders in order to generate more leads. It is possible to look distinctive by getting a trade show booth that represents your business’ mission and vision through its design and structure.

You could incorporate greenery, seating arrangements, charging stations or other features in your trade show booth design that visitors could not find in other exhibits. Adding appropriate lighting and highlighting featured products may also attract many of the visitors to your exhibit.

Offer takeaways and freebies

When you do or offer something different from other traders, it becomes easier for participants to remember your business and services. You may give brochures, pens and other business-related souvenirs to the visitors especially to those who are your target audience.

You may also distribute freebies through competitions, quizzes and games.

Interact with visitors

Your visitors would require more information about your offerings before making a purchase. It might be helpful if your sales representative knows how to engage these visitors and break the ice to start conversations. You may also engage these visitors through digital devices like touchscreens, VR, AR and LED screens.

Ask for contact information

As you are exhibiting to generate more leads for your business’s sales and goals, it will be essential to collect visitors’ contact information. You could do it through filling out forms or by keeping some of the staff on hand to note down visitors’ contact details.

It might be helpful if you are clear about how you plan to use the contact information and offer an incentive such as a free ebook or consultation in order to encourage visitors to sign up.

Network with other exhibitors

Exhibitions provide a wonderful arena to build networks and make business connections. As an exhibitor, you could interact with other exhibitors, exchange ideas and products, get information about industry trends and the latest technologies.

Follow-up post-trade show:

Following up with the attendees who visited your trade show booth could help you convert them into customers. You may reach them through emails, phone calls, WhatsApp texts and other online methods. It would help you provide additional information about your services to these leads and approach them with more information and support. You could set up an online or in-person meeting with these visitors and give them product demos or reasons to try your services.

Lastly, it is essential to remember that lead generation tasks could only be achieved through planning and execution beforehand. If you plan ahead and make a list of steps that you need to follow, it might help you receive a high footfall from visitors, and you would be able to generate leads at the trade show.

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