Sally Tagawa has remained famous thanks to her ex-husband Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, a Japanese-American actor, martial artist, and film producer. Little is known about her early life, parents, and siblings; she has kept such details off the public grid.

Personal Life

Sally Tagawa married Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa in 1984; they have not revealed the circumstances under which they met. However, the couple stayed together for three decades and had three children Calen, Cana, and Brynne Tagawa. After being married for 30 years, Sally and her husband decided to call it off in 2014. The couple did not reveal the reasons for their divorce.

After divorcing Cary, it is unclear if Sally Tagawa remarried since she has kept details of her romantic life away from the public. Cary-Hiroyuki has not remarried, but he is probably in a relationship with a woman he has opted to keep off the media attention.

Professional Career

Sally Tagawa has worked in several areas; she is an artist and worked for London Records before founding her own company, Market Street Design Company, after partnering with Richard Kriegler. Sally was also a photographer and exhibited her work at Robert Berman Gallery in Venice, California.

As an artist, Sally Tagawa often displayed her work in restaurants, galleries, and halls. She earned a living through her artwork. After marrying Cary-Hiroyuki, she reduced working on her art and focused more on her family.

Her Ex-Husband

Sally Tagawa’s ex-husband was born in Tokyo, but his family relocated to the United States, where his father served in the Army. His family kept moving around different cities before settling in Southern California. Cary attended Duarte High School, where he often participated in school plays.

Sally’s ex-husband learned Shotokan karate and kendo at Japan Karate Association under master Masatoshi Nakayama. Cary-Hiroyuki began his professional acting career in the mid-1980s appearing in several films which were never credited. His breakthrough came in 1987 when he appeared in the movie The Last Emperor as Eunuch Chang.

In 1988, Sally’s ex-husband appeared as Lieutenant Lee in Spellbinder. His other credits in the 1980s include Armed Response, Bulletproof, Twins, The Last Warrior, and Licence to Kill, where he appeared as Kwang. In the 1990s, Cary appeared Mortal Kombat, The Perfect Weapon, Nemesis, Danger Zone, Provocateur, and American Dragons.

Sally’s ex-husband played Heihachi Mishima in the martial arts film Tekken. Cary-Hiroyuki has participated in several martial arts films throughout his career. He is set to appear in the upcoming movie Reagan. On television, Sally’s ex-husband has appeared in many shows, including NCIS: Los Angeles and Lost in Space.

Net Worth

Sally Tagawa made a fortune through her career as an artist and designer; however, her exact net worth is unknown. On the other hand, her ex-husband, who has been in the acting industry since 1985, has a net worth of approximately 20 million dollars.

Sally Tagawa’s Whereabouts

Since Sally Tagawa divorced Cary-Hiroyuki, she has kept a low profile, and little is known about her life. She probably lives in one of the US states and probably spends time with her family and loved ones.

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