Chandra Danette Wilson, a popular actress and filmmaker, is the daughter of Wilma Bradshaw Allen. As a mother, Wilma has worked tirelessly to ensure she gave her daughter a worthy life, and thanks to her effort, Chandra Danette Wilson is a successful filmmaker and actress. Read on to discover more details about them.

Wilma Bradshaw Allen Early Life

Wilma Bradshaw Allen was born in 1953.  Her birth place is Houston, Texas, and her ethnicity is African American. She is a citizen of the USA. Wilma got married to Steve Allen in February 1985. Their wedding was in Harris County, Texas. The couple was blessed with a daughter, Chandra Bradshaw Allen.

Although no information about her husband, Steve Allen, has been provided. We know that he died in a road accident in 2004. His death changed everything, and Wilma Bradshaw had to step up and raise her daughter alone in Texas.

According to Chandra, her mother was divorced twice. Her second divorce happened when Chandra was 19, and her younger brother was two.

Wilma Bradshaw Career

Wilma is better described as a mother who can go to extra limits to see her daughter get the best of life. She is a working mother committed to ensuring she provides for her children. Wilma worked in the USA Postal Service, where she retired in 2007 after 30 years of exemplary service.

Since her retirement, we currently have no details about what she has been doing to sustain her life.

Wilma’s Role in Her Daughter’s Career

In various interviews, Chandra has mentioned how she appreciates the role played by her mother in boosting her career. Chandra is currently a popular actress and director. Her famous role was in the medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy” where she acted as Dr. Miranda Bailey. This position opened more opportunities in her career and even earned her global popularity.

Chandra says her mother would force her to attend different courses after classes to ensure she didn’t have time to idle. Her mother aimed to ensure Chandra didn’t get into trouble for being excessively idle. Hence, Wilma ensured that her daughter had some activities that she could engage in after classes.

It was this push that made Chandra develop a passion for attending acting classes. Later, she took the career path and found her path as an actress. Thankfully, she is now a professional actress, and her acting has brought her good fortune.

In one of her interviews, Chandra talked about how she thought her mother didn’t have time for her as a child, and neither did she appreciate her performance. She says her mother sent her to attend these courses to distance herself from her. However, growing up, she realized that Wilma did that out of love and affection for her. In fact, she did it for her benefit, and her career is a testimony to it.

Wilma and her daughter love keeping a low profile. However, we believe the two are enjoying their life, and Chandra takes great care of her mother.



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