When we talk about Yoanna Fonseca, what comes into mind are details about Yoanna’s father, Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo. His popularity has put his children and family into the limelight. If you want to know who Yoanna Fonseca is and the details about Ernesto Fonseca, this post got your back. Read on!

Yoanna Fonseca’s Family

Yoanna Fonseca is the child of the famous Ernesto Fonseca and Maria del Rocio Lopez Hernandez. Yoanna has four siblings: Ernesto Rafael, Ofelia Fonseca, Gilberto Fonseca, and Esther Fonseca. So much has surrounded this family’s life, especially due to the reputation of Yoanna’s father being a wanted criminal and drug dealer.

Unfortunately, his brother Gilberto Fonseca was gunned down in 1930 after a boxing match, leaving Yoann with only three siblings.

Who is Yoanna’s Father

Yoanna’s father is better known as “Don Neto.” His real name is Ernesto Fonseca Carrilo. He is a known notorious drug leader and criminal. The birthdate of Yoanna’s father is unclear. According to the DEA, he was born in 1942. However, other sources claim Ernesto Fonseca was born on August 1930.

Ernesto is a Mexican, and his birthplace is Santiago, Mexico. He earned his nickname “Don Neto” for his criminal activities. At some point, he was the leader of the “Guadalajara Cartel, ” a criminal group that operated in the 80s.

As a criminal and a drug lord, he operated with other members, with notable figures being Miguel Angel Felix and Rafael Caro Quintero. He even pioneered the growth of the famous hallucinogen market in the United States, Columbia, and Mexico.

As a drug lord, he focused on trafficking cannabis and Cocaine. Moreover, he handled extortion, money laundering, and arms trafficking. Yoanna’s father was also involved with other criminal gangs, such as Gulf Cartel, Tijuana Cartel, Juarez Cartel, and Sinaloa Cartel.

Ernesto grew up in an area where criminal activities were at their peak. His environment played a huge role in shaping him into a notorious criminal.

Yoanna’s Father’s Arrest and Net Worth

Ernesto was in the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) spotlight for the longest period. His activities in drug trafficking were extreme, and he even traded with other cartels in other countries. Although he managed to stay away from the DEA for a prolonged period, he was finally arrested in 1985.

Unfortunately for Yoanna’s father, he was charged with multiple crimes and was jailed. He later admitted to being involved in the torture and murder of a DEA agent by the gang he once led. The Mexican army surrounded his house during his arrest and ordered him to surrender. He had no alternative and ended up surrendering.

For his multiple crimes, Yoanna’s father was jailed for 40 years. However, he was moved to house arrest in 2016, and that was because of his old age and ailing state. According to different estimates, Yoanna’s father is estimated to have a net worth of $5 million. All his wealth is attributed to his drug lord and criminal activities.

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