Zola Frank Zappa is a celebrity child, the daughter of American guitarist Dweezil Zappa and his ex-wife Lauren Knudsen. Zola, born in July 2006, has a younger half-brother and a younger sister named Ceylon Indira Zappa.

Education and Passion

Zola’s parents have not revealed her current educational level; they are very secretive about their daughter and rarely share information regarding her on their social media platforms. However, Zola Frank Zappa is in high school and probably in one of the best schools in the United States, which her parents have failed to mention.

Zola Frank Zappa is a model, and she works with the IMG Models Worldwide Modeling Agency. Her mother has supported her passion, and she often posts pictures of Zola on her Instagram account.

Her Parents

Zola’s mother is a stylist working with the Walter Schupfer Management Corporation. Lauren likes photography and can’t miss new pictures on her social media pages. On the other hand, Zola Frank’s father focused on music; his father was a musician, so he was exposed to it when he was young.

In his professional music career, Dweezil Zappa has worked with several artists as a guitarist. He has also recorded songs and several albums. Zola Frank Zappa’s father has also been a guitarist in some bands, including the Fat Boys. Dweezil has also appeared in films and television shows occasionally.

Her Parents Romantic Life

There is no information on how Zola’s parents met, but they married in 2005 and filed for divorce in 2010. Dweezil and Lauren did not mention the reasons for their separation, but they share custody of their two daughters. Before marrying Lauren, Zola’s father had been in a six-year relationship with Lisa Loeb, with whom he performed for some time.

In Zola’s father’s six-year relationship with Lisa, they had no child together. After separating from Zola’s mother, Dweezil married Megan Marsicano in 2012, and there have been no rumors of separation or divorce. On the other hand, little is known about Lauren’s past romantic relationships and whoever she might be dating now.

Net Worth

Zola Frank Zappa is a student and has just started her modeling career; probably, whatever money she makes is still managed by her parents. However, her parents have been in their respective professions for a long time. Dweezil started his music career in the 1980s and has grown his fortune over the years, with his net worth estimated to be about 3 million dollars.

Zola’s mother has worked as a stylist for some time, but her net worth is unknown. Whatever money she has made is enough to cater to her needs and those of her three children.

Social Media

Zola Frank Zappa is on social media platforms. She is on Instagram, where she posts pictures of her modeling. Her Instagram handle is @zolafzappa, and you can check it out to view more of her photographs. Besides, her mother is also active on Instagram and often posts Zola’s pictures.

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